‘Celtic celebrate properly’ – Watch Super Joe Hart on High Performance Podcast

Watch Joe Hart’s in-depth interview on the High Performance podcast as he talks about his career and in particular interest to Celtic Supporters, his three years at our club and that amazing final few months from announcing his decision to call time on his playing career at the end of the season to the incredible things that happened after the announcement was made through to the Scottish Cup Final win over theRangers at Hampden.

Joe in particular praises the Green Brigade for the support and the entry they bring to Celtic games home and away and of course for that amazing tifo on trophy day against St Mirren at Celtic Park. You will have seen the clips on this part of the interview but will not want to miss the full conversation, with Joe promising to come to a Celtic game soon where he won’t be sitting in the comfy seats in the main stand but will be bouncing around in the North Curve.

He also praises Brendan Rodgers, making an interesting observation that the team’s performances improved dramatically when the players finally fully appreciated how the manager wanted them to play.

The earlier part of the interview is about Joe’s career before coming to Celtic so if you are short of time head to around 1.35 in to hear the Celtic related conversation.

Ange Postecoglou brought the unwanted Joe Hart away from a Tottenham wilderness and that led to three magnificent years, seven trophies and one of the best send-offs any porifessionla player has ever had from the game.

“It felt right,” Joe said as he explained his reasons for moving to Celtic. “If I look at my career the majority of my career has been as a number one, it’s been playing well, it’s been lifting trophies, so it felt right.”

On his decision to quit football the former Celtic goalkeeper said: “So I got to do something really unique because football is a fast business and I decided that I was going to finish.

“I wanted to own the fact that I was going to finish. I told people early, I told a truly special football club that I wanted to finish with them because I loved them more than anything else in football.

“Whether they had anything to offer me, I don’t know. I didn’t have to put those chess moves, I didn’t even want to get into that, and spoke from the heart about something.

“And it might not have gone well, we were probably second in the league when I said it and we had a cup final to play against our greatest rivals. I could’ve walked away plotless in my last season. But I just wanted people to know that even though I was finishing, I wanted to finish strong, and then did finish strong.

“I got into a beautiful flow, the team really clicked, Brendan got us playing how he wanted to play, we got who we were and we were starting to really perform.

“The buzz of the club, no matter how many trophies they win, when you are playing well, it’s an absolute buzz. The drums are going, the fans were singing, the flares were going off, and it was just an incredible feeling.

“And then they asked me to do a night with Joe Hart, to which I immediately said, because I said when I wanted to retire that I didn’t want to talk about it, I wanted to do what I need to do, say what I need to say, do the press that day and then we will deal with everything else after the season.

“Because the team comes first, winning the league comes first, and they asked me to do a night with Joe Hart with a month to go and I said ‘No’, and then I said, ‘you know what? scrap that. You were willing to do that for me’ and they were like ‘we would love to do that for you’.

“I said ‘that was amazing, that’s absolutely beautiful. I don’t feel comfortable doing it but I’m going to do it because for you to even come here and ask me to do that is special. Just let me know what I need to do’.

“So we did a night with Joe Hart, it feels weird talking about my name but that’s what it was.”

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