Celtic FC Women v Hearts – Team News, match details and ticket information

The Ghirls return to Celtic Park this afternoon for a big clash against Hearts. After defeating Hibs on Wednesday, Celtic FC Women went top of the league, overtaking our rivals. We currently lead by two points so a victory at Paradise would be ideal if we want to keep leading the pack.

In December, you may recall that Hearts took points off of us in a 1-1 draw. Caitlin Hayes salvaged a point in the 56th minute in what proved to be Fran Alonso’s final game in charge, so we’ll be hoping for a better result this time around.

I’d say that Hearts are going into this one quite confident coming off the back of their victory against Rangers. The home crowd will certainly give us the advantage over our opponents, as there’s no doubt the fans will be out in full force. Hopefully, the Green Brigade will make an appearance, although the group have said that they will not be there after the club rejected their request for a Celtic End return.

Elena Sadiku spoke to the media in the lead-up to this big game.

Speaking on how it feels to lead the league at the top of the table, she said: “To be honest, there’s no difference. I’ve said it since we came into the split that the only focus, we have is on our performance, on our games, and like we said, we have this ambition and goal to win the rest of our games and that hasn’t changed. So, no matter if we’re top of the league or not, that’s going to be our aim no matter what.”

She also spoke about the mood in the dressing room in the lead-up to the game, saying: “The training today was really fun. The girls were happy, it was some competition in the training, and I think you just got to enjoy the moment of playing at Paradise. For all the players, it’s going to be a special feeling. We’re Celtic and we’re going to enjoy the moment, but I think everybody wants to play here, our opponents as well. So, it’s going to be a really big, special moment but I think it all comes down to making sure we have a special moment together of performing well and having a great performance in front of our fans.”

And finally, giving a message to the fans, Elena said: “I’ve been giving many messages in the media now but all I can say is do it for the girls. Do it for the players. Show them the support by coming. It will be amazing to write history as a club, to be the first team that wins the league with both the men’s and the women’s. If that’s not motivating enough, then I don’t know what is.

“I would say that we play pretty attractive football. We play a style of play that makes us look really good. I think it’s very entertaining, especially if you look at Hibs. Not only because we created chances but because we were trying to force goals and then we got some transitions. We defended and played better in the second half but overall, just come and enjoy. The girls are doing really well at playing this style of play but also, the most important thing for me is to give the girls the support they deserve because they’ve been doing so well. That’s the main message.”

Team News

During the media conference, The Celtic Star questioned Elena on how Amy Gallacher was after she sustained an injury on Wednesday night. Elena said: “Amy is, I think, pretty well. She’s had like a, I don’t know how to say this, but it’s like a dead leg but on her gluteus maximus. So, it’s going to take some time for her to get back into where she is but it’s not a big injury, just something we have to wait out.”

So apart from Gallacher, the usual players should be available.

It’s been great to see Lisa Robertson back in the side and for her to play at Celtic Park is an honour she well and truly deserves. As the manager has said in recent weeks, it really does feel as though we have a completely new player in the squad.

It’s nice to see that Hana Kerner is also on the road to recovery, having returned to Glasgow recently. Speaking on her status, Elena said: “She has some things that she needs to do first before coming back to play in the team, but she looks good.”

She also spoke about Luana Muñoz, saying: “Luana is also getting back into shape and more with the ball so that’s a good sign for us. It feels like we’re getting new signings in just because I haven’t seen them play as well so it’s a good thing to have as a coach.”

Player’s View

Prolific midfielder Colette Cavanagh was the player who spoke to the media. She said: “This is a special situation for me and my family. They did come to that game when I was at Hibs, but we lost. The support that Celtic had back then was huge and the game’s grown even more now so I’m looking forward to being at Celtic Park as a Celtic player and hopefully winning at Celtic Park. That would mean so much to me and my family.

“There’s so many ups and downs in football. That could be injury, getting a bad defeat, but recently, with the momentum going our way, the mood has been good. And like Elena said today, we had a laugh in training, it was competitive, but it was a healthy competition, we weren’t getting too annoyed at each other which was a first. We were having a joke, but the quality was still there, and I think that’s a credit to us that we can relax at times but also switch on the professionalism and make sure that the quality is there.

“The split has changed so much and if I’m being honest, I probably didn’t think we’d be in this position based on the results and results that didn’t go our way, like the Glasgow City game at Petershill. That was a tough loss and I thought that dented our chance of being at the top but with the split, like I said before, you lose, and you get so many points, so it’s worked in our favour. I’m raring to go and excited to keep the momentum going and to keep getting three points.

“When we put it in the sense of six games left, it’s not a lot, 18 points to pick up and that’s something we’re focused towards. It is in our hands and it’s ours to lose, we’ve got that pressure on us and the girls from last season, and myself, know the pressure that’s needed and how to deal with that, especially with the squad last season being so close to it. They’re using that as motivation and we’re going to hang on to that top spot as long as we can.

“We’ve got an amazing support behind us, and we want to do it for the fans, our family, for the girls who missed out on it last season by 20 seconds, for the coaches who put in so much work and we want to do it for ourselves. We really want it.”

Match Officials

Ryan Kennedy is the referee for this afternoon’s tie. Craig Macrae and Jamie Andrews are assisting him, with Keiran Trayner named as the Fourth Official. Thankfully, no VAR decisions will take place at Parkhead.

Kick-off Time

Celtic FC Women vs Hearts Women kicks off at 16:10 at Celtic Park.

Where to Watch

There’s only one place to be for this tie, and that’s at Paradise! If you can’t make it though, the game will be broadcast live on BBC Alba.

Score Prediction

Celtic FC Women 4 – 0 Hearts. The Ghirls are looking forward to this occasion, so I think they’ll be eager to put on a show for the home fans. Goal scorers – Caitlin Hayes, Tash Flint (times two) and Murphy Agnew.


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