Celtic fight back over reported Howe uncertainty with an approach for another big-name manager

We can all see that most transfer rumours don’t come true, so it tends to be the case that somebody somewhere benefits from certain information being leaked to the media.

Generally it’s used to try and put pressure on someone or a club to make a quick decision, and we might be seeing that just now with Eddie Howe.

He’s still widely expected to take the Celtic job next season but there will always be rumours of him getting a Premier League job, and some reports today have suggested that he could still get a job down south.

As a result it now seems like he’s holding off from committing to Celtic just now, but it’s not clear if the delay is just down to the usual process of ironing out the finer details or if he’s actually holding out to see what else is out there.

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There’s also the question over the Director of Football appointment as the report also claims that he wants Richard Hughes to get the role, but it would make more sense for Celtic to have someone else come in to oversee a long-term strategy just in case Howe leaves after a couple of years.

There was a danger that Celtic could be left looking weak and even desperate as a result of this, so it’s important that they fought back with a rumour of their own which suggested that they do have alternatives if needed – and that’s happened this afternoon amid reports that Lucien Favre has now been approached over the role.

There’s every chance that this is the club sounding out an alternative in case their main plan falls through, but it does look like it’s been done to create the illusion of interest in other managers in an attempt to force Howe to make his mind up.

It still feels like Howe will be the next Celtic manager, but if the leaks like this get stronger in the next few days then it does hint that it might not be his first choice after all.


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  1. I don’t think Howe wants the job, if he did he would have signed by now. I think he is looking to see if an English club comes up with an offer. I want Celtic to look at other people like Lucian Favre who wants the job and stop wasting time

  2. The club are quite right keeping options open to other candidates. They can’t keep waiting for Howe to make up his mind. CL qualifiers are in 103 days so need to make decision asap

  3. I have to agree a bit. Howe reads the press, same as us. He’ll know the guessing and uncertainty going on. If he’s serious about the job, he’s not going to base it solely on DoF as this should not be up to him to pick that role (as it sits above him in the chain of command). He deserves time for due diligence, his own team etc but we also deserve to ensure we have someone appointed by end of April. McKay in, then Harkin, then either Howe or Favre, or Marsch but someone in place or confirmed within the next 2 weeks. If there’s no movement on any word from Howe within a week, I’d move away from him. If there’s positivity, then brilliant

  4. He is holding out for something nearer to home in the south. We should go for the guy from.Dotmund who has more experience especially at.European level . Managing Bournmouth and managing Celtic is chalk and cheese.No preasure to win at Bournmouth the opposite can be said at Celtic..