Celtic great Murdo Macleod delivers the worst Twitter Q and A of all time with Dumbarton

It’s fair to say that we’ve all started to realise that there’s nothing in the way of interesting football news right now, so clubs and media outlets are going out of their way to try and provide some entertainment.

A great way of doing that is to interview former players about old times, usually it results in some interesting stories and we might even get to hear some things that nobody knew about before.

At the very worst it should at least give an insight into what somebody thinks about some current players and teams.

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Murdo Macleod took part in a Twitter Q and A with Dumbarton today, he’s proven to be a fairly likeable character in the media even if he’s never said anything controversial, but this was something else.

Even if you went in with incredibly low expectations, you would still be gloriously disappointed as he just refused to give any kind of answer to anything.

Here’s a selection of the “finest” moments:

It’s just staggering that he’s agreed to take part only to deliver answers like these, you have to think he was either in a stinking mood or someone had told him to keep his answers friendly and not to offend anyone, but this is on a whole new level.

It’s a strange PR win for Dumbarton too,  they’ve managed to get a lot of attention even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

Macleod will go down as a Celtic great after making more than 280 appearances for the club in his time there, but let’s hope Celtic don’t try and sit him down for an interview any time soon.

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