Celtic has been good for Liel Abada, he should remember that

Selling or especially loaning out Abada this month, doesn’t just make sense, it’s the wrong decision for Celtic…

Liel Abada reacts after missing a scoring chance. Celtic v Buckie Thistle, Scottish Cup, Celtic Park, 21 Jan 2024 Photo Stuart Wallace Shutterstock

Speculation continues to surround the future of Liel Abada and it doesn’t seem to be going away. The Israeli winger not long ago signed a new long term deal, but as we know current events back in the Holy Land have intensified rumours of him leaving Glasgow for pastures new, due the Green Brigade’s pro-Palestinian stance which has made enemies for Celtic in Israel.

This is uncalled for as Liel Abada is loved by everyone connected to the club, from the board to the coaching staff, his fellow teammates and all the supporters, as was shown by the wonderful ovation he received at the weekend.  Liel doesn’t need to go anywhere.

Celtic v Buckie Thistle – Liel Abada left attempts a shot on goal during the Scottish Cup fourth round match at Celtic Park, on Sunday January 21, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

Some misconceptions have been made by his fellow countrymen and the Israeli media regarding our support, and they appear to be putting intense pressure on Abada to turn his back on Celtic, you know, that’s the club that pays his wages and gave him a significant pay rise last September.

It’s of course a lot of misguided nonsense, but you can’t blame Liel for being put under this kind of pressure. It’s only natural that it’s unsettling him and it must be a difficult position to be in. But he’s not only a decent young man, he’s also an excellent player and we need him to stay at the club and just as importantly we want him to stay. Celtic has a league title to win and we need our best players, and Liel Abada is certainly one of them.

There has been talk of him being loaned out, and that is just as preposterous as indeed is the idea of selling him at this stage of the season.

Celtic v Buckie Thistle – Liel Abada in action during the Scottish Cup match at Celtic Park on Sunday January 21, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

Liel is under contract to the club and he’s a player who is vital in the manager’s plans. The club are under no financial pressure to sell him, so why even entertain the idea?

We should rebuff any potential offers and tell the player he’s staying put. No one of course wants an unhappy player, but the club should sit down with Liel and explain the situation, and if he still feels the same in the summer then by all means leave if a the clubs demands are met.

But loaning him out or selling him in this window makes no sense at all. If it does happen then those in charge have more than a few questions to answer.

If Abada wants away then that should only happen in the summer and he should be using the rest of this season as a shop window to get himself a decent move , rather than dropping down to the English Championship. If that’s the best his agents can come up with then there could be a reality check around the next career corner for the player.

Celtic’s valuation will have to be met, this is the way things work and that’s why Celtic were happy to give a talented player an extended and improved contract. It works both ways.

There is no hostility to Liel Abada at Celtic from any Celtic supporters. There was one Palestine flag at the game on Sunday and that was it. It’s been there throughout Abada’s time at Celtic too. But the Green Brigade have never given Abada anything but encouragement and support, it was them who created the ‘Abada on the Wing’ song after all.

Celtic has been good for Liel Abada, he should remember that.

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