Celtic legend explains why he thinks a new managerial appointment is very close

There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to sort out a new manager as soon as possible, but the most obvious one is to get a step-ahead in the transfer market.

Celtic have been looking to add some younger talents before the manager is appointed and that makes sense, but reports did emerge of a big-money offer for Hadjuk defender Mario Vuskovic.

Committing to such huge offer would be madness if a new manager came in and decided that they didn’t fancy them, and it appears that Frank McAvennie has been making that point via Football Insider:

It might be that there’s a manager behind the scenes who’s telling them who to go for. I can’t see Celtic going and buying a player without a manager in place. The situation is strange, why would you buy new players if a new manager might come in and say ‘I don’t want him’?

There’s a chance that they might not be bothered about what the new guy thinks, or someone is telling them to get him. 

It would be such a waste of money if a new manager came in and didn’t want him. It wouldn’t be a good start to their Celtic career. 

I’ve not heard anything but if that report is true, it means Celtic are talking to a new manager.”

The main problem with that argument comes down to wondering why the announcement hasn’t been made yet, but perhaps there are good reasons for that.

It’s also possible that an agreement is actually close with a new Director of Football rather than a manager, so that would be a sign that recruitment would largely be out of the manager’s hands going forward.

It really doesn’t make any sense to make a big move until something has been sorted behind the scenes for next season, so hopefully this is a sign that an announcement isn’t far away.

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  1. Hold up is manager is still contracted to old club and scottish media trying to make celtic board look amateurish these news reporter they just sit make up stories and the worst it makes celtic look makes there editor happy jobs for boys

  2. Celtic Board made to ”look amateurish ” ? Really ?
    Perhaps they are still looking around their showers to see if any likely candidate has been hidden by the steam ?

    I , and many others , have said that back in October it was pretty evident that Neil Lennon was not Celtic’s Future , so that was the time to be scouting a new coach .
    When Lennon finally departed the scene THEN was the time to unveil a new coach , yet here we are in late April with the support being given the usual mushroom treatment – kept in the dark and fed sh*te !

    As well as a new coach we desperately need a new Board !