Celtic legend Scott Brown has nothing to lose at Ibrox

Broony still occupies a place deep in the minds of everyone connected to theRangers…

Like me I’m certain that the rest of you will be wishing the best of luck to former Celtic captain Scott Brown and his Ayr United team later today as they take on theRangers at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup.

Realistically the Honest Men don’t stand much of a chance at the home of thedishonest men of Scottish football. The bookies will have them as rank outsiders and you’ll be lucky if you get less than 20/1 on the championship side causing an upset, like Hamilton did at Ibrox in the old club’s Souness era.

Broony being Broony will have his side up for it and will send his players out to get under the skin of theRangers players and supporters. Just like he’s done for the past fifteen years or so against both of their clubs and is still continuing to do so.

Yes he may have left Celtic three years ago but the most successful skipper in the history of the Scottish game this century still continues to occupy the tiny moronic minds of the Ibrox support and club figures alike.

Phillipe Clements bizarre comments about Broony are testament to just that. The Belgian wouldn’t have known much about Broony before he arrived, and by choosing to speak about him in such a manner has no doubt been whispered in his ear from those in charge at Ibrox. Yes, Broony still lives rent free in their heads. Whether it’s those in charge at Ibrox or the supporters, he is imbedded deep in their minds.

The hurt he’s inflicted on them throughout the years by lifting trophy after trophy will prove to be everlasting no matter the outcome of today’s game.

There’s no pressure on Broony whatsoever. He can sit back and enjoy the game knowing how much he irritates everyone connected to theRangers football club. Something he will continue to do for a very long time.

Best of luck Broony.

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