Celtic losing to Midtjylland: An embarrassment too far

This afternoon is a good time to drop into the post match day conversation over on Celtic Noise to get an insight into how Celtic Supporters are taking last night’s hugely disappointing Champions League exit against FC Midtjylland...

FC Midtjylland v Celtic, Bo Henriksen is celebrating the victory with Henrik Dalsgaard. Photo: Gonzales Photo/Lasse Lagoni

For season after season we’ve watched while these people that run Celtic have almost single handedly destroyed successive managers chances of a flying start to the season.

Despite managers being in post and preparations being made throughout the previous season for recruitment, we the uneducated supporters are left bemused while watching apparently well educated businessmen mess it up time after time. There’s an old saying: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

When it’s clear money is their motive, why can’t they give us the best chance to succeed in the most financially beneficial games we could have? Being greedy, you’d have us in tip top condition for these games. So the question remains why are these guys consistently sabotaging our chances? Lack of preparation has cost us I’d say over £100 million. It’s saved us many a pumping but they don’t care about results so it baffles me. I don’t blame anyone in the footballing department, player or coach for this season however it ends.

In the midst of covid and the euros it’s shocking the state of affairs that we’ve witnessed. They have not a clue and shouldn’t be in post. We’ve a billionaire in charge and we need to sell before we buy. The season tickets are sold out every year so why are they scared to put out a couple of million? Season after season we watch the same pantomime unfold, it’s contempt for us, they need to go or we will live the same season year after year to infinity Beaten by the worst team we’ve ever played in a Champions League qualifier.

Smelltheglove – Well-known member on Celtic Noise.

FC Midtjylland v Celtic, Photo: Gonzales Photo/Lasse Lagoni

We’re never ready, it’s as if the season starting surprises those in power, do we not ”tap” players up anymore, get them lined up ready to go when the transfer window opens…..shambles.

Bellshill Bhoy – Well-known member on Celtic Noise.

FC Midtjylland v Celtic, Photo: Gonzales Photo/Lasse Lagoni

Bearing in mind we started with Murray, Welsh and Ralston, our bench consisted of: Barkas, Doohan, Ajeti, Rogic, Bolingoli, Urhoghide, Shaw, Montgomery, Forrest & Robertson.

Now I am a vocal advocate for giving youngsters a chance, but they have to be integrated in with experience. To start our competitive matches with such a ridiculously weak, threadbare inexperienced squad is an absolute disgrace and entirely the result of gross mismanagement over the preceding seasons.

Usually what happens after the board have messed about in the transfer market is they then try appease the fans by buying a player too late after we mess up our European qualification. Dom McKay and Ange Postecoglou are not to blame for this, but they will have to get their acts together very fast or they will quickly get caught up in the mud that is being flung about which won’t be fair in the slightest.

Bridie Bhoy – Well-known member on Celtic Noise.

FC Midtjylland v Celtic, Photo: Gonzales Photo/Lasse Lagoni

The fault must surely be traced back to Dublin and Dermot Desmond.  How much longer are we going to have to put up with this parsimony and lack of ambition from the board?
I have said this time and again we need to broaden our horizons with regard to investment . Does the pond life across the city have any qualms as to where theirs comes from?  It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, nice guys usually finish last and to lose to a team that theRangers destroyed is an embarrassment too far.
Seven past Niven – Well-known member on Celtic Noise.

FC Midtjylland v Celtic, Photo: Gonzales Lasse Lagoni

Penny wise and pound foolish, it’s the Celtic way.  Why not be organised for a change and at least have the players in situ, fit and raring to go before the Champions League ties? The ties don’t come as a big surprise and it isn’t brain surgery to work out that if you hire the best men for the job the riches will surely follow.
The Shamrock — Well-known member on Celtic Noise.

Happy FCM players after the victory over Celtic. Photo: Bo Amstrup

Getting fed up with all this anti board stuff now.  Yes I do believe that they sold us all down the river last season.
Yes I will always believe this board put saving them before winning the Ten. Yes, I do believe that the ambition of creating a whole new brand of the “Old Firm” was to high of a priority in their planning. Yes I do believe that the idea of having a 2nd team in Scottish football would be taken as automatic.  Yes I do know that they all are a shower of so-and-sos and couldn’t be trusted full stop.
So are we still going to keep on moaning about them every time a result goes against us?  Yes I would prefer a change of board yet who is going to stump up the money to remove them?  Huge decision making has been made that has been disastrous to us as a club to say the least over the last few seasons. Even got that bad last season that I started to hate watching us and some of the imposters who were representing us and making a mockery out of the club we all adore.
Still refusing to want that same experience again, yet this anti board agenda only opens up old wounds and will solve nothing.  Want to see solutions to the problems created not whinging about them still, and the only way we will is by investing properly within the team for starters.
Signs of trying to do so is evident yet not quickly enough for most of us.  Still well overloaded with young players without much chance of developing with the lack of opportunity’s available, even last night young Dane Murray will possibly not get another opportunity to represent us again this season, shows promise yet where will he continue to get game time this season?
Board remain on tender hooks still, so either you all start showing you actually care for the club or pay the consequences as they won’t be very pleasant that’s for sure.  In the meantime I will try to remain sane by believing everyone deserves a chance to put right their own wrongs, even if I’m not convinced they can do it any longer.
John no  — Well-known member on Celtic Noise.

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  1. DAVID G. SMITH on

    Contrast and compare excersize…….anyone?



    * Celtic should to be getting beaten by teams of this calibre but we are……..consistently so.

    Celtic are at least 5 years away from continuous and persistent first team investment to achieve anything like the quality and consistency of results and achievements of Martin O’Neil.

    As stated previously; The same crash test dummies are driving Celtic PLC and Celtic football team as before.

    McKay and Postecoglou are merely the hit and run victims this time around.