Celtic manager’s Callum McGregor or Tomoki Iwata dilemma

It’s time to talk about Callum McGregor’s fitness and Tomoki Iwata’s starting credentials after yesterday game against Dundee…

It’s would be a fair assessment to say that Callum McGregor hasn’t been at his best this season. To be fair he’s not been the only one, but Callum is usually the one who keeps the side ticking, and unfortunately that calmness and guile seem to have been missing from his game this campaign.

In Callum’s defence he’s just come back from an injury and doesn’t look comfortable. We can only wonder if he’s been rushed back too soon. That was notable yesterday during the Dundee game at Dens when the game seemed to pass him by. That was further confirmed when Callum was subbed in place of Tomoki Iwata.

We looked much more comfortable and assured with Tomoki in the middle of the park than we did when Callum was playing. That should sound the alarm bells for Brendan Rodgers as Callum is not only our captain, but one of our most productive players and one we need to be at his best, especially at this stage of the season.

Callum McGregor is a player we need fully fit and at the top of his game with  five vital games remaining. Skipper or not, if he’s not fit or contributing to the side then his place should surely be in question. Brendan Rodgers has a lot of pondering do in that regard.

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  1. Rob O’Keeffe on

    What a choice? A half fit CalMac or Iwata? Alongside Hatate? Matt O? Bernardo? What a poor level these players are operating at,at the moment.Whose fault is this? Too many at Parkhead are stealing salaries and have done for a while….

  2. Piss poor man management skills from Rodgers, I have to say?
    Our strongest 3 midfield combination started yesterday, which isn’t disputed when all 3 are fully fit and on top of there game?
    But a half fit calmac (even if half fit)
    Hatate still at pre season pace with missing the best part of the season through injury
    And Oreily our most overused player this season, and still very young in footballing terms?
    So well over 50M worth of talent that never had control of the midfield areas for long periods yesterday?
    This is starting to become a trust issue for Rodgers, when he hasn’t got to much trust in numerous player’s with being able to deliver imo?
    An overall squad needs to be produced with 2 decent options for each position, and 3 making up the balance from the academy?
    That looks like the structure that Rodgers intends to install within the overall look of a squad in future?
    Looking a million miles away if his favourites are allowed a free ride, regardless of what they produce?
    Competition for places has to be installed so the poor game means dropping for the replacement to be given there opportunity?
    With 5 subs in use, means that a team should be just as strong in finishing a game as the one that started, with every player within a 25man squad knowing there jobs and the expectations and demands of the club?
    Under Rodgers currently, we are still miles away from actually achieving where we should be looking to be imo?