Celtic mustn’t make the same mistake twice

It is exactly one month since Celtic clinched an astonishing world record seventh domestic treble. The architect of this outstanding achievement Ange Postecoglou has left for greener (and richer) pastures in North London, while the man who clinched the Scottish Cup on the day Jota looks to be on his way to warmer (and richer) pastures in Saudi Arabia.

The last player to depart Celtic for over £20 million was of course Kieran Tierney, who became Celtic’s most expensive ever player when he joined Arsenal for £25 million in the summer of 2019.

It is now rumoured that Celtic will look to break this transfer record as they hold out for a fee larger than the £25 million they received for Celtic Academy graduate Tierney.

The potential sale of Jota for a record-breaking fee should begin a new age for Celtic’s transfer model. No longer should Celtic be capped at selling players for £15-20 million, but instead the club should look to purchase young talents in and around the £10 million mark and thus demanding a much larger fee when clubs become interested further down the line.

This evolution of the football club should have happened when a then 22-year-old Kieran Tierney joined Arsenal for a record fee, but it didn’t.

This money was not invested back into the playing squad to in a progressive manner and as such Celtic regressed, forcing a frustrated Brendan Rodgers to leave his boyhood club.

But now Rodgers has returned amid promises of a more ambitious, modern recruitment model. The litmus test for this promise will happen soon and will be the first step in the path to Celtic becoming a consistent UEFA Champions League club.

James French

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  1. John Doherty on

    Unsure how the Tierney money not being invested left him frustrated, he had left his “boyhood club” months before he was sold.

  2. Two small points James. Celtic won their 8th treble last month and Rodgers actually left before Tierney did. So the lack of re-investment of his transfer fee had nothing to do with Rodgers leaving.

  3. Hi James French,

    Celtic have won 8 domestic trebles.

    Neil Lennon was the manager when KT left Celtic.

  4. Playing in champions league will elavat a players price and with the arab league spending big this is because there nanager knows jota not cause they are scouting spl we wereveasy pickings for french german and enlish leagues now there is a another big player in the game ut shiws whar you can as for your top players they play well against the best in europe in the champions league no leagye in europe can compere with the money the arabs can offer a player tax free

  5. Peter cassidy on

    This is Celtic we are talking about we have some greedy shareholders needing there divis topped up” with all this money comming in cl shirt sales players fees etc they can still keep Brendan happy and spend some of it on the hotel complex and increase stadium capacity over the next few years not
    to dividends to rich shareholders .

  6. Jason Fergus on

    That this article is still up despite multiple people pointing out that the central premise is factually incorrect is a tad embarrassing. Is it that difficult for a Celtic website to have a grasp of reality?

    This is the kind of guff a Daily Record article would rightly be pilloried for.

    • That’s harsh in the extreme. James made a few good points but there were a few factual errors that have been jumped on. fair enough, he’ll learn. He’s studying in Ireland so probably doesn’t understand your Daily Record insult. Site’s not perfect, far from it, but a huge amount of work goes into it. If it’s not up to your expectations feel free to look elsewhere.

  7. James ffrench on

    Hi guys, apologises for the mistakes in this article,
    • Celtics 8th treble not our 7th*
    • The point about Rodgers being left frustrated due to Tierneys transfer fee not being invested back in is invalid as he was already gone, my point was Rodgers was left increasingly frustrated at the lack of investment after selling key assets e.g Moussa Dembele