Celtic Park Parking Car Ban latest – Glasgow City Council aim to ban parking from next season

GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL have provided more information on the parking restrictions that they are set to introduce around Celtic Park and the Emirates and have also released a detailed question and answer document, which pretty much will answer any question that you will have.

What is clear that the way many thousands of Celtic supporters get to the games at Celtic Park will change forever as the council do all they can to stop cars getting anywhere near the stadium on match-days.

The ban is NOT yet in place but it is likely to be in place for next season, according to Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor. But unless something changes it will be goodbye to taking the car to get to games – and here is little positive from the council on improving public transport.

Here is where you will see the map and then you can go on and read the council’s hardball approach to football supporters who take their car to the games at Celtic Park. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

The council have also issued a Statement of Reason as follows:

Statement of Reasons

It is considered necessary to make the above Order for the following reason, In accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984:-

For preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the road runs.

Parking changes at Celtic Park/Emirates Arena

Celtic Park and Emirates Arena Event Day Emergency Routes and Parking Zone Frequently Asked Questions

These proposals have now been publicised in the Evening Times and approximately 800 notices have been posted in the affected streets.

These parking controls are designed to prevent those attending events and football games at Celtic Park and major events at the Emirates Arena, from parking within the surrounding residential areas.

The significant attendance at events can attract many extra vehicles towards these venues, where, despite public transport provisions, surrounding residential areas seem to be an easy option for those looking to park for the duration of an event. For this reason, and due to the nature and frequency of these events, then this type of parking scheme is being proposed during relevant events only.

This scheme would consist of 2 different elements:-

• Event Day Emergency Routes (EDER)
• Event Day Permit Zone (EDPZ)

EDER are the main routes to and from the stadium which the emergency services require to be kept clear in the event of an emergency occurring at the Stadium/Arena.

Restrictions are imposed by installing signage along these routes and laying a single yellow line. These signs will show the time and date the restrictions are in place and will be displayed in advance to notify the local community.

The restriction being enforced in the EDER is ‘no waiting and no loading or unloading during major events at Celtic Park/Emirates Arena’ so would not allow parking, loading or unloading to take place during times of operation.

Restrictions would start 3 hours before the event commences and finish 1 hour after the event ends.

There will also be permanent no waiting and no loading or unloading at any time restrictions, i.e. double yellow lines with double kerb markings, on many of the emergency routes.

EDPZ are the areas where parking will be permitted to permit holders only.

Resident’s parking permits would be free for each vehicle registered at a residential address within the identified zone boundary and visitor’s parking permits would be available at a one-off cost of £10 per permit.

Businesses would also be issued free business parking permits for each of their employees.

Churches and community groups would be able to apply for permits in the same way as businesses.

During a relevant event, only vehicles which display a valid parking permit or a disabled person’s badge would be eligible to park in any of the restricted streets.

Restrictions are imposed by installing zone signing at each entry point to the zone. These ‘Zone Entry’ signs will show the time and date the restrictions are in place and will be displayed in advance to notify the local community. There are NO parking bays marked, thereby allowing residents’ current parking arrangements to remain unaffected.

The restriction being enforced in the EDPZ is ‘no waiting at any time except by permit holders during major events at Celtic Park/Emirates Arena’ so would allow loading and unloading to take place during times of operational times.

Permanent restrictions and disabled bays can be provided where necessary.

Restrictions would start 3 hours before the event commences and finish 1 hour after the event ends.

Questions and Answers

What residents can apply for permits?
Someone who lives within the Event Day Parking Zone boundary.

How many resident parking permits can I get?
You can get a permit for each vehicle you have registered at your home address.

I own a flat but I don’t live there, can I still get a permit? No. these are only for the residents who live there.

I have a company vehicle, it isn’t registered to my home address, can I still get a permit?
Yes. You will need to provide a company headed letter as part of your application.

How many residents’ visitor parking permits can I get?
A resident can purchase as many as they require at a cost of £10 per permit, however this will be closely monitored to ensure there is no abuse of the system.

Who can buy residents’ visitor parking permits?
Only residents can buy these.

How many business parking permits can I get?
You can get a permit for each person employed by the business.

I am disabled and have a blue badge, where am I supposed to park?
If there have been no parking facilities provided for you at the stadium then you would be able to park within the EDPZ without limit of time provided you display your blue badge in the correct manner.

I have a motorcycle, what do I do?
Motorcycles can park within the EDPZ without the need for a permit.

How will I know what areas are restricted and when?
There will be many areas with double yellow lines. Also there will be lengths of EDER which will have single yellow lines with signage detailing the times when the restrictions apply.

When will the restrictions be in force?
They will start 3 hours before kick off and finish 1 hour after the final whistle.

What are the Council doing to improve the public transport in the area for supporters?
SPT are responsible for planning and delivering transport solutions for all modes of transport across the city and beyond. They also operate the Glasgow subway. Bus operators who provide services in this area have difficulty with delays to their services due to the congestion in the area. Introducing the parking controls in the area will reduce the volume of traffic using the roads to and from the vicinity of the stadium. This will make it easier for bus operators to provide more efficient services.

Will I be able to pay to park within the EDPZ to go to games?
No. there is no facility to pay to park within the EDPZ. The scheme is there to protect residents on road parking from supporters going to games.

I travel a long distance to games, public transport is not always an option, how am I supposed to get to games?
You may wish to consider using public transport for part of your journey. Joined up journeys and journey planning for public transport options can be found at
www.SPT.co.uk/journeyplanner Alternatively you could drive for the majority of your journey and park in a long stay car park within the city centre.

Will the Council be building a multi storey car park or providing other car parking facilities for fans?
No. The Council wish to discourage vehicles into the area when games are on to reduce congestion. Building a multi storey car park would be contrary to this.

Will you be introducing this in the other stadia around Glasgow?
Similar proposals have been advertised for Ibrox Stadium and these controls are already in force in Hampden and Scotstoun where they have done for several years.

Will it be enforced?
A. Yes. Council parking attendants will enforce the regulations.


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