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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Justshatered on

    We now have almost as much in the bank as the club is worth.
    I’ve gave up even attempting to understand our Board. They seem terrified by the events of 2012 to the extent that they now hamstring every manager in order to keep just half a step ahead of The Rangers so as to keep them relevant.
    In doing so they are hampering the progression of the football operation.

  2. Hear what you are saying in the article but just bear in mind that one of the successes of Fergus’s reign was the chance for ordinary supporters to buy shares in the club – and many did. Like most it wasn’t a huge investment and I could never see myself selling them but having a successful business with a strong share price is a very good thing.👍 It’s also a bit patronising to suggest that lots of us wouldn’t understand stock market “jargon” 😧

    • That’s because he doesn’t understand any stock marker jargon himself, mate.

      As is proven by the fact he can’t tell the difference between pennies and pounds, meaning this whole article is completely wrong 100 hundred fold from the outset.

      Absolutely embarrassing for any writer to make such a basic, but major, mistake, hope he corrects it before the day is done or his ‘fellow authors’ will be ripping the pass out him forevermore.

  3. Wrong, stability & share price matters to many Celtic fans. Just because we are silent most of time doesn’t mean we are not around . Spend when it’s a good value for the club, with a chance to sell on in future. Build on model we have had for 20+ years. NEVER spend for short term gain, always look at long game. Since Fergus walked in.. the Boardroom in the whole have done better than most expected, they have proven to be trust worthy over many years as our bank balance & trophy cabinet shows. But some are never happy, they just want to complain

    • So what do you think the share price is?

      Is it 192 pence per share or 192 pounds, as stated in this misleading article?

    • If your trust our skimming self serving dividend grasping Tory board who grassed up the Celtic support to the coppers you’re a far bigger mug than you’ve even let on here, chump.

  4. It’s 192 PENCE, not pounds, per share.

    This is the most basic of basic journalism, ffs.

  5. Good lad.

    Not many are man enough to admit their errors these days.

    Just ask yon other famous ‘Celtic blogger’ how much of a shitbag he is when it comes to admitting his mistakes and if he doesn’t answer I’ll answer for him.