Celtic Revealed As Club With Highest Attendances This Century, Outside Europe’s Top Five Leagues

It’s well known that Europe’s top five leagues have the most money and, therefore, they are generally able to attract the best players. However, there are many huge clubs with better histories and better supports that are found outside of those top ranked leagues.

Celtic are one such club. A team with a trophy room that extends beyond Scottish shores, encompassing the British League Cup (1902), Empire Exhibition Cup (1938), Coronation Cup (1953), and European Cup (1967). The clubs has millions of fans worldwide, with one of the most vocal and dedicated supports on the planet.

French social media page @ThePopFoot have now further demonstrated the magnitude of Celtic by revealing the results of their recent study. Indeed, Pop Foot found that among all European clubs, outside of the continent’s top five leagues, the highest average attendance this century is found at Celtic Park.

With a credible average attendance of 51, 802 over the last 22 years, Celtic are a few thousand clear of Ajax in second place. Meanwhile, theRangers sit third with just under 45,000 attending Ibrox on average, marginally above Feyenoord, and a few thousand clear of Benfica.

Of the clubs in that top five list, four have won the greatest prize in European football.

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