Celtic Rub 2012 in on The Celtic Way

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AHEAD of Sunday’s visit from the Rangers, the club founded by Charles Green in 2012 following the rejection of a CVA by the creditors of the club that was founded in 1872, Celtic have a plain and simple message.

They say that the truth hurts and this time the message from Celtic – displayed on The Celtic Way is loud and clear.

Making Scottish Football History since 1888 combined with images of the three domestic trophies that Celtic have won over a hundred times since the club was founded in 1888, to help feed the poor children in the East End of Glasgow.

A win on Sunday against Charles Green’s club will almost certainly guarantee another league win and that would be Celtic’s 50th title success – Five wee stars to sit orotund our big star on next season’s strip anyone.

The 800 Rangers fans will meet at 10.30 at the Emirates before being escorted by Police past The Celtic Way towards turnstile 67 where they will be headed into the ground no later than 11am – any stragglers will be held back away from Paradise until after the match kicks off.

And as they walk past The Celtic Way they’ll be reminded of their old club’s liquidation in 2012 and they of course know that we know that they know that as the song says, they’re “not Rangers anymore”….well done to the Celtic marketing team on this one!


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