Celtic should have a look at current Premiership star as he pays tribute to a current Celtic ace

Players are always more likely to move to a club if they have friends there and if they’re able to see that there’s an example to follow when it comes to establishing themselves at the club.

David Turnbull had a slow start to life at Celtic as he was stuck on the bench to begin the season, but he’s starting to find a regular role in the side now and the risk with his transfer appears to be worth it.

It also makes you wonder if his old Motherwell teammate Allan Campbell could be worth a punt when you look at the success with Turnbull, and some of Campbell’s comments suggest he would be fully open to the move.

His words about Turnbull were picked up by a report in the Glasgow Times, and you can see the admiration for his old teammate here:

“We’ve got a lot of respect for each other. I hope he does well and likewise he’ll want me to do well. He’s a top player and a hard-working player, and he’s come here and had a real impact on the team. That wasn’t a surprise to anybody at Fir Park.

“At a club like Motherwell, they take young players and give them a platform to perform, and if you do well then there’s every chance a big club could come in for you.

“David’s a great example of that, he’s playing at a top club now and he’s somebody that all our young players can look up to.”

Campbell’s contract is up at the end of the season so there’s a feeling that he’s ready for a step up, while he showed on Saturday that he’s a very good player in this league.

He’s much more about hard work than the technically gifted Turnbull but he would bring some drive and discipline to the midfield, so there’s a chance he could be a useful successor to Scott Brown if he keeps developing at his current rate.

Celtic will have seen him play a number of times so the management team will know all about his quality and how good he can be, so he’s certainly worth considering when it comes to the summer transfer market.

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