Celtic star could miss upcoming derby as he faces anxious wait over Willie Collum’s report vs Aberdeen

In fairness it’s completely understandable that the SFA want to stand by their match officials as much as possible, but they completely undermine themselves with ridiculous decisions at times.

One of the worst rules is where nothing can be done if the referee claims that he had a full view of the incident – regardless of how wrong or incompetent they may be.

David Turnbull picked up a booking against Aberdeen this week after he “lashed out” at Dylan McGeough, but the Daily Record are reporting that there are fears this could be upgraded to a red.

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Ultimately that would give him a suspension that would keep him out of the upcoming game against the Rangers, and the big worry here is that is all hinges on Willie Collum.

If he says he’s seen the incident then nothing else can happen, while it would be a huge call if the SFA decided there was something egregious here that simply had to be punished, but it’s also the SFA so anything can happen.

In terms of the league table it’s a nothing game but Turnbull is one of Celtic’s best players and it’s important to win the game to prevent an unbeaten season happening, so hopefully nothing does come of this.

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