Celtic star Nicolas Kuhn knows the score, unlike the Rangers

Nicolas Kuhn yesterday rubbed more salt into the wounds of theRangers and their supporters, as reported on The Celtic Star. The German winger further aggravated the hurting Bears by ridiculing their celebrations in the aftermath of the 3-3 moral victory at Ibrox back in April.

Yet Nicolas was only stating facts. He quite correctly said “you had to be there to understand it, it ended 3-3 and afterwards they celebrated as if they were already champions. After that we dominated the league.”

It was bizarre moment that was a major source of embarrassment to theRangers and their supporters, or at least it should be. But as we know they don’t embarrass that easily.

Philippe Clement hilariously led his players in a victorious lap of honour around Ibrox as the gullible bears cried tears of joy after earning a solitary point against the Champions. It would be the one and only point against Celtic in a league campaign where Celtic took ten from twelve and also beat Clement’s side in the Scottish Cup Final.

Celtic’s own celebrations came after the league was won at Kilmarnock and the Scottish cup was won at Hampden and not before.

Although they nicked a point in a game that they at one stage looked dead and buried, it was still two points lost in the grand scheme of things. They were at home with the backing of an entire crowd, and a win would have put them in the driving seat for the league title. Indeed it would have left Celtic needing favours from elsewhere so getting the trip to Ibrox out of the way with the league still in our own hands suited Brendan Rodgers perfectly.  Remember that there was still a fourth league match to come and that was at Celtic Park. Celtic won that one.

Winners don’t act like that after dropping points. Champions don’t act like that after dropping points. It was small time mentality from both theRangers supporters, their manager and players. It was the behaviour of a Ross county or Dundee with they played theRangers in their next two matches. Just glad to nick a point or three against the self proclaimed best side in the country.

Celtic supporters watched on in belief and were left bemused at such ‘tinpot’ antics. It looks as if our players were of the same thinking.  The Celtic players watched that at close quarters and winners like Callum McGregor, Joe Hart, Greg Taylor and others must have been scornful of their antics that day to say the least.

The only similar Celtic incident that comes to mind was way back in 1970 when Celtic defeated the much hyped Leeds United at Hampden in the semi-final of the European Cup in front of an enormous crowd of 136,505.

This was regarded as the final before the final and Celtic went to Milan as strong favourites to beat Dutch side Feyenoord to win a second European Cup. It never worked out that way and looking back the lap of honour stuff at Hampden that night – where everyone was caught up in the hysteria around the fixture – came back to haunt Celtic on a wet and miserable night in Milan.

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