Celtic-style passion missing from Man City’s big cup celebrations

Manchester City’s big cup celebrations were rather subdued to say the least, we’ve celebrated a qualifying win with more passion…

Last night Man City beat Inter Milan to win the Champions league last night and clinch a dream treble.

You wouldn’t have believed it had you just tuned in, as the celebrations from the City supporters were subdued to say the least, I’ve seen better atmospheres at a funeral, and I’m not even joking, watch this…

Even when they scored the winner, yes it was celebrated in the stands, but I’ve seen us celebrate a winner in the qualifying stage more passionately. It isn’t exaggerating to say that The BT commentary team showed more passion when Rodri’s shot hit the back of the net.

Even during the 90 minutes they were overshadowed by the terrific and vocal Inter Milan supporters. Proper football fans. Inter themselves won a treble in 2010 and you better believe the supporters partied hard into the night and the very next day. For the City supporters it was more of a round of applause and straight to bed.

Success is spoilt on these City supporters, could you imagine the scenes had we won the Champions League, the Europa league, or even the Europa Conference League? The ground would be shaking inside the stadium. Tears of joy in the stands. We’d still be out in the streets at this moment.

Oil money can buy you success, but it can’t buy you a fantastic supporter base. The last few years have kind of shown that, and last night proved it beyond considerable doubt.

Some of the comments under that video shown above…

“Champions League wasted on them”…”Plastic”…”A pitiful sight indeed TOURIST FC”…”What a pathetic support. Franchise FC”…”These fans don’t deserve the players and success. Celebrated my mother announcing chicken fajitas for dinner louder”…”Flipping heck limbs I hope everyone makes it back safely”…”What happened to this club? Yes, I know. I remember 30,000 raucous fans at Maine Road who didn’t give a damn about their “bigger” neighbours. They just loved their club”…”I’ve seen bigger cheers at the ballet.Truly pathetic.”

To be fair to the City fans NOT at the game last night, the real supporters who couldn’t get tickets and instead what corporate guest paying huge sums for expensive seats and wearing a scarf probably purchased on the day, those fans would have been celebrating properly in bars in Manchester, in Istanbul and elsewhere and fair play to them. Those are the real supporters.

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  1. Rob O’Keeffe on

    Correct OBhoy,even at the FA Cup Final their support was pathetic.They have no songs and stories to sing about.Glad they won though,can’t stand Italian teams,dark arts and blatant cheating trying to get players booked.Plastic hard men.Inter played for extra time and penalties until they were forced forward by the goal,they ruined a showpiece game which should be end to end football going all out for glory.

  2. You can buy big players and stadiums but you can’t buy passion which CELTIC supporters show everywhere they go,several times pep and players were waving their arms to try and get them to react with no response .