Celtic Support The Scaffs Release Statement Amid Planned Banner Drop

In December 2021, a new group called Celtic Support The Scaffs appeared on Twitter. The page was set up by a group of Celtic fans to support striking Actavo scaffolders in Scunthorpe, Actavo’s majority shareholder being Denis O’Brien, who also owns a minority shareholding in Celtic Football Club.

Earlier this week, Celtic Support The Scaffs uploaded a statement about their intentions:

We are a group of Celtic Supporters who have set up this page to support striking Actavo scaffolders in Scunthorpe. These workers will soon be entering their 13th week of strike action due to Actavo refusing to pay them the nationally agreed rate for the job.

Denis O’Brien has been the majority shareholder of Actavo since purchasing Actavo (then Siteserv) in 2012. He owns a 75% stake and as such has ultimate control of the group.

He is also Ireland’s second richest man, whose net worth is currently valued by Forbes as $4.4bn, and most notably for us he is also a minority shareholder in our club, Celtic FC.

Denis has the power to end this dispute, yet continues to commit crimes against the working class.

This is not a man we want associated with our club.

Please support our campaign by following this page, sharing our content and getting involved in our action at Monday night’s game against Hibs. All details will be published to our page.

Kind regards,

Celtic Support the Scaffs.

This morning another more established group, Celtic Fans Against Fascism, vowed to support the striking scaffs by announcing that they will be holding a banner drop next to the Billy McNeill statue ahead of the match against Hibernian at Celtic Park on Monday evening.

The campaign appears to have gained some traction online and, given the political leanings of a considerable section within the Celtic support, matters could become more publicised during the games ahead.

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  1. Best wishes to you Striking Scaffs. Hope all goes well for you. Will look you up and see how i can support.

  2. Allaboutceltic on

    Will you get fucked the lot of you. What has this got to do with Celtic? Are you intent on embarrassing the club for every wrong doing the world over. Celtic is a football club, that’s it. If you’re not happy with how any shareholder spends their money, then please hand back your season tickets as a mean of protest. There’s thousands who would be delighted to take your place. Do you monitor all shareholders spending. What about the guy in the street that bought shares. Do you check on them to see if they bought any drugs, porn or anything else that doesn’t suit your moral compass?? You are the disgrace to this great club, not the shareholder.

    Do us all a favour and get to fuck!!!

    • AllAboutCeltic your the disgrace to the club, you speak exactly like a h*n and if you don’t like us calling out wrong doings by our shareholders, then YOU get tae F***, c*** like you are the reason the tories have ran this fkn island for over a decade, think you might need to go read up about my club cause you clearly know F***AllAboutCeltic