Celtic Supporters Clubs – A network of passionate fans around the World 

Celtic Football Club is popular all over the world. The Scottish Champions has different thousands pf organised groups in their own Celtic supporters clubs  across the globe. Most can be found across both Britain and Ireland so if you live anywhere in the British Isles then there’s likely to be a CSC near you!

Over the years, the club has achieved a huge amount of success. And supporters can show their support for them on some of the best new online casino brands in the UK. Not even new casinos online can overlook the importance and impact of the squad at Celtic. In this article, we will take a look at the beginnings of our world famous football club, as well as their dedicated work and goals.

The Origins of the Celtic Supporters Clubs

Lovers of the Beautiful Game around the world will be Celtic admirers, and the number of supporters clubs that the club has all over the world and especially in Britain and Ireland  is truly impressive. Supporting sports is different from eSports. iGaming in British clubs show how dedicated they can be.

Celtic was initially established in the East End of Glasgow as an Irish immigrant charity to feed children. The founder Brother Walfrid had a mission to feed the hungry children in one of the poorest areas in Scotland, where the Irish immigrant population were to be found . As such, the club has very strong ties to the Catholic community in Scotland and indeed around the world, while remaining a club open to all from the very first day to now.

Charlie Tully supporting Celtic in Lisbon, May 1967

The Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs was born in 1998. The fans wanted to be more organised as they travelled to Glasgow,  very often in higher numbers. There was a need to stick together and face challenges. This was especially the case due to a desire to protect Irish supporters interests as attempts where made to decrease the club’s ‘Irishness’.

Once the association was founded, the very first decision made by Celtic FC fans was creating the meetings’ policy. They would meet on rotation based on different provinces. Also, in order to see the organisations, The Association would be the one traveling to them instead of having committee  members travel for meetings.

Supporters clubs were joining and forming bonds. They discussed problems and asked the committee questions, making improvements.

Celtic fans in Seville

In 2003, Celtic was estimated to have about nine million admirers all around the world. Currently, there are more than 800 supporters’ clubs worldwide, with the UK accommodating numerous of them. Back in 2003, Celtic supporters received UEFA and FIFA awards for the conduct they showed at the UEFA Cup Final in Seville.

Celtic Supporters Clubs in Britain and Ireland 

There are a  large number of Celtic supporters clubs dedicated to following Celtic in Britain and Ireland,  as well as providing  many opportunities for people to enjoy social events a engage in football betting on Celtic.

At the moment, these are the estimated number of clubs in each region:

Six Counties – 36 Celtic Supporters Clubs 

Republic of Ireland – 68 Celtic Supporters Clubs 

Scotland – 237 Celtic Supporters Clubs 

England – 81 Celtic Supporters Clubs 

Wales – 2 Celtic Supporters Clubs 

The Goal of the Celtic Supporters Clubs 

Over the years, football fans have not only used online casino opportunities to show how much they care for their club, but also tried to bring people together. Passion for football was driving them to accomplish great things, and today it is more than obvious that supporter groups reached their goals.

When the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters was founded, it achieved something not many thought would be possible: uniting fellow Celtic fans. All delegates’ meetings were opportunities for enthusiasts to bond and talk about the Hoops and just about every issue relating to their travels all over the World to support the team. In the past year alone Celtic supporters have travelled as far as Australia and Japan to support Celtic.

Tommy Burns in Seville

The View from the 32, which was the very first issue of the association’s official magazine, also helped clubs achieve the success they were looking for. It became the Irish support voice, as well as another way for groups to come together and speak their minds.

Organizations have often made it to Celtic FC news for the activities they are involved in, specifically for raising charity funds over the years. Overall, the goals can be summed up into the following:

  • Drawing all Celtic Supporters’ Clubs together regardless of region
  • Protecting Irish interests
  • Support the team in major tournaments
  • Solve issues
  • Organise fundraising activities
  • Creating a sense of unity
Celtic fans in Seville

Clubs often travel to different locations to support the team. For instance, in 2003, 80,000 supporters traveled to Seville in order to back the team in the club’s first European final since 1970. The fans were incredibly supportive and brilliantly behaved, receiving awards from FIFA and UEFA.

So, while some individuals are fond of casinos, others join organisations and get more involved in the community.


Celtic supporters in Seville

It’s hard to come across a fan base as loyal as Celtic’s. People who love the Hoops have proven they are among the warmest and passionate football supporters anywhere in the world. Some mix sport and casino activities, and others limit themselves to joining different groups and traveling to back up the famous team.

Over time, Celtic supporters in Britain and Ireland managed to build more support for club They also help supporters around the world to come together to cheer on the Bhoys. All of this happened out of pure dedication. Scotland  has hundreds of CSCs that keep supporting Celtic and attend every game where there are tickets available. Celtic Park last night had a 60,000 capacity sell-out for the match against Atletico Madrid and this is now the same for every home match in the stadium Celtic fans call Paradise.

25.05.1967 Photo: imago/VI Images – Greenock Celtic Supporters Association in Lisbon

The Celtic support’s  activities will influence the community in future years, and we’ll see more amazing things from the fans, whether it’s in iGaming or real life like supporting food banks or donating to the Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal.

That’s why Celtic is rightly called ‘ A Club Like No Other’.

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