Celtic transfer latest: “There’s a lot of plates spinning and a lot of work getting done,” John Kennedy

John Kennedy today spoke to Sky Sports about the new season ahead and was his usually optimistic self, especially on the transfer business where he reveals that plenty of plates are spinning and conversations taking place with results likely to happen with the next few weeks.

Brendan Rodgers and assistant John Kennedy attend a team training session at the Celtic Training Centre in Lennoxtown. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The Celtic Assistant Manager spoke positively about a few things, but one thing that he spoke of will be a major source of encouragement to the Celtic supporters, and that was his words regarding the situation of finding a replacement for the retiring Joe Hart. He also sounded encouraging about the work being done to sign the two loanees from last season – Ada Idah and Paulo Bernardo on a permanent deal.

When Joe Hart announced his intentions to hang up his gloves a few months ago, the search for his replacement should have been imminent, but Celtic aren’t exactly known for their sharpness when it comes to player recruitment. However the JK confirms that the targets have been identified and accepts that the new first pick keeper should ideally be in place ahead of the pre-season trip to the United States.

John Kennedy 

With this pre season tour to the US looming and the start of the league season almost upon us it’s vital we have a viable man between the sticks. Let’s hope John is right and we are close to a quality replacement. Here’s some of what John Kennedy had to say today.

“I think the club are working hard on that. Some targets have been identified and we’ve been working on that in the background. It’s a key position for us, we know it’s a position we need to get in. We want to do that as soon as we can so hopefully in the coming weeks we can have some news on that.

“There are obviously some challenges in terms of the negotiations that will take place. But ultimately, we know it’s a key position for us. We want to get the key positions in as quickly as we can so we get to work with them and the manager and the board are working hard on that,” John Kennedy told Sky Sports.

He added: “I think there’s a lot of conversations happening. It’s a time when a lot of players have been on holiday and different things have been happening.

“A lot of conversations have been taking place. We come back for pre-season and hopefully in the coming weeks a few things will start to happen but there’s a lot of plates spinning and a lot of work getting done. Hopefully we’ll start to see that materialise over the coming weeks.”

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