Celtic’s Barrowfield video – “Buttering us up for the interims”, “Can it play left back?”

Training facility project is good in the long run, but other areas of the club need the same attention…

Celtic yesterday announced work has officially commenced on a state of the art training facility at Barrowfield. The work actually started back in December so this was more on a conveniently timed progress report, but one that is nevertheless welcome to see.

Celtic is soon to have a brand new state of the art training facility and the Celtic TV cameras were granted exclusive access to the site as work began on the multi-million pound project. The site at Barrowfield, once the training ground of the Lisbon Lions, will be transformed into a world class facility that will be the base for both boys and girls academies and also the Celtic FC Women’s 1st team.

Speaking as the ground was broken, Head of Academy Chris McCart said he was delighted that work was finally underway. “This is the biggest investment and development since Lennoxtown and it’s one which the Academy is very excited about. It’s going to be a boost for all our young players coming through the club.”

Celtic FC Women’s Manager Elena Sadiku at Ibrox on Sunday

New Celtic FC Women’s Manager Elena Sadiku is equally excited that these new facilities, set to be opened later this year, will mean top quality training facilities, both indoor and outdoor, for her team. Having come from the English game, Elena is confident the new centre will bring Celtic up to the level of the top clubs down south.

“One hundred percent. It’s going to be easier for me to sell this idea of how we want to be as a club, our vision, and help them to achieve something. It’s going to be incredible when it’s done,” Elena Sadiku

Celtic TV will keep you up to date with regular videos of the site as it goes through the various stages of development.

The former site which was once the training base of the first team before the construction of the training facilities up at Lennoxtown. The new facility at Barrowfield now become the permanent home of the Celtic FC Woman team, as well as a state of the art academy for both the boys and girls Academy sides.

Despite the timing being a bit suspect, a cynic would suggest that it’s been scheduled to be announced just as the yearly financial results are due. it is however still welcome news in the long run and should be applauded, but other areas of the club are in need of the same attention.

Celtic’s Swedish defender Mikael Lustig (C) takes part in a training session at their training centre in Lennoxtown,  on September 11, 2017 on the eve of the UEFA Champions League group B football match between Celtic and Paris Saint-Germain. (Photo credit should read FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Lennoxtown and Celtic Park for example are in need of a severe upgrade, not to mention the playing squad. If those in charge are serious about moving the club forward, then these are areas that need tended to asap.

Questions should be asked about whether the proposed Celtic Museum, new superstore and ticket office and of course the hotel will ever happen. And in the longer term what is the plan to replace the ageing Main Stand with its steelwork now almost a century old.

Judging by the comments posted on You Tube, If the Celtic Board think the news of a state of the art training facility is going to take some of the heat off them then they are sorely mistaken. This news is very welcoming, but it’s only a start. Much more investment on all fronts is needed if we want to move forward.

Celtic’s team players take part in training session at the Celtic Training Centre in Lennoxtown,  on September 5, 2022, on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group F football match against Real Madrid.  (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Here’s a flavour of supporter feedback to the video…

“Significant investment considering we barely bring any youth through to the first team. Bizarre stuff”…”‘ll take this video down the pub, and show it to the Rangers lads when they win the league. That’ll sicken them….”Invest in the first team should be a priority. New players coming in. Making sure we stay top. Barrow field is not a priority”…

“How about developing a PROPER first team?”…”How about we chuck the same guys who’ve been in charge for years and maybe then we’ll develop more than three half decent players in a decade. New facilities alone won’t exactly cut it.”…

Celtic currently isn’t a name associated with quality on or off the pitch. Read the room. It’s a club that is associated with zero ambition and an unwillingness to consolidate and push on. Winning the league in Scotland with the resources handed to the club by the continued support of the global fanbase, and the abject lack of quality in the league, should mean it’s the minimum level of achievement expected. The area where we should be aiming to achieve (Europe) should currently be a cause for embarrassment for the current board, as it is for the fans.  So don’t think the viewers of this and all the other content you put out dont see it all for exactly what it is. You can’t polish a turd.”

13th February 2019, Lennoxtown Training Centre, Glasgow, Scotland; Celtic Training session ahead of their Europa League tie against Valencia; Celtic players warm up ahead of their training session

“Buttering us up for the interims.”…”Poor timing as usual Celtic. How can you say quality on and off the pitch after this season’s neglect? Also, why is Barrowfield going to develop “stars of the future” when Lennoxtown can’t?”

“The Lions at Barrowfield is all that matters. Leave us in peace with all the other stuff as long as the Board isn‘t willing to invest in the team.”…”Wow, this is a great clip of what the Celtic board have invested in, great to see the academy and Celtic Women’s first team will have an all inclusive facility for them. And for the fans who wanted more in the January window think how this impacts on the club as a whole we don’t need £9M thrown at a quality players every January so why is it different this year.”

Brendan Rodgers during a team training session at the Celtic Training Centre in Lennoxtown, north of Glasgow on October 24, 2023, on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group E football match against Atletico Madrid. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

“Can it play out wide?..”Whats the point with the biscuit tin board and backwards brenda”…”Taxi for Rodgers. Time for a clear out at the top – they’re wrecking the club from within…”Can the new training facility play left back?”…

“Haha the club / board really are a joke. Using phrases like ‘state of the art’ up there with the ‘worlds best’ and how the Celtic name is known for quality!! Well Lennoxtown was done on the cheap and isn’t fit for purpose. I’ve no doubt Barrowfield will be the same. Amazing how all the coaches (like the board) just so happen to be on our doorstep – what a piece of luck! Maybe finding the best people for the job rather than jobs for the boys / yes men would improve us. The only thing world class about Celtic is the fans and the board continue to take the mick out of us. Time for change from top to bottom at OUR football club.”


“Wow, this is a great clip of a multi-million pound development and all that’s to be seen is criticism in this comments section. Given we as a club receive 0.00001%, possibly less television revenue, our club has to keep up with structural developments using other means. If you’re not happy with investment decisions which are generational, don’t renew your season ticket. Others will replace you.

“In the league structure we play in, we’re not going to attract 10-20-30 million pound players, let alone be in a position to pay the wages such players would command in leagues with far larger revenue streams and let’s be honest some players in other leagues who have large pay packets are pretty average.

“It seems some fans of our club need a reality check and when turning up to the stadium support the team and stop expecting to see the same fanfare Sky Sports affords other league teams.”

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  1. That tv commentary has Pravda/Putin levels of propaganda. ” World class, elite levels, alignment, development, etc etc. Coaches who have been around for years. New premises but still stagnation. It has all been said and promised before. The whole structure of the club be it football, commercial, public relations etc is due for “re-alignment”, as yet everyone appears to be singing from their own hymn sheet.

  2. Seen this piece of manipulative feminist soy boy propaganda yesterday and nearly feel off my seat with laughter.

    Brendan: Mic, Pete, I need £9-10 million (in January) to sign at least two decent players to get this league over the line and don’t worry, you’ll make that back with the money that’s recouped with Champions League qualification.

    Mic & Pete: Never mind the league this year, we have to let NewCo win it to keep them afloat and save the SPFL, and anyway, we are redirecting £20 milliion, that should be spent on the actual product, the first team, to build our “State-of -the art, politically correct, virtue signalling playing fields, for our modern audience”, to drivel over “Aren’t we sooooooooooo progressively regressive”, Brendan, LMAO