Celtic’s Day of Days – “One Last Push” from our Ghirls in Green

The traditional path walked in Scottish Women’s football is that a league campaign ensues and at the end of a series of engagements along the way Glasgow City lift the league title. Indeed, for the last 13 years that has been the case. Today could well see a break with such a tradition.

“It had long come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things” – Leonardo da Vinci

Celtic this afternoon head into the final round of the SWPL1 league campaign and they intend, as Da Vinci said, to go out and happen to things.

Hoops top performer Lisa Roberson, the ‘Bobby Murdoch’ of Fran Alonso’s side. Photo: Colin Poultney

The Celts are on a 12-game unbeaten run and are a team with real momentum. Three points against Motherwell will see Celtic claim the runners up-spot ahead of theRangers and as such compete in the Champions League next season. That would be a tremendous achievement for Fran Alonso and his team in Celtic’s first full season as a professional side. It would be all the more remarkable when you consider the stop-start nature of the season and the lesser budget the Celts have in comparison to their rivals this season. But there is more on the horizon.

If Celtic win by three goals and Glasgow City lose to a theRangers side who themselves need a win – and Motherwell to defeat Celtic – to claim second spot and Champion’s League football for themselves, then Celtic could win the SWPL1 title and end a Glasgow City dynasty in one fell swoop. Is this Celtic’s destiny?

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Young gun Tegan Bowie in action For Celtic in the 10-0 win over Forfar Farmington.

JK Rowling wrote  “Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.” And for this Celtic side a series of interwoven choices made over the long course of this season has led to a fine footballing team being on the cusp of another amazing chapter in the history of Celtic FC and the single greatest achievement for a women’s team representing the Club.

Every pass chosen, every tackle timed, every decision to shoot or to take an alternative option led to this final day. It may well end up being called destiny but as Rowling said, today is simply the consequence of all those decisions made, the effort put in, every training session in the wind rain and shine, every strapped-up injury, every last push and persistence to strive forward all season has culminated in this incredible opportunity. Indeed, for future generations of female footballers to come this Celtic side could well be the shoulders of the Giants they stand on as the Celtic women’s team forge a successful future in Scottish and European football.

Top striker Sarah Ewens and Chloe Craig celebrating last weekend.

In truth whatever happens, if Champion’s League football is attained or if this side falls short, if a league title is won or it is agonisingly missed out on, what is clear is this Celtic side all season have played the Celtic way and performed as we’d all want from a side representing Celtic. This group of players have given us every last ounce of skill and application they have, they have given everything as a supporter we could have asked of them.

As such no matter how history ends up being written at 6pm tonight, this group of players, Fran Alonso, his coaching team and everyone who drives a bus or washes the strips has played a part in making us all proud of the way they represent Celtic. We hope for that group that the stars align, that they get the win they deserve and the European stage their talents deserve to perform on becomes a reality. And we all hope that the events Celtic cannot control fall into place,as the ultimate reward for all the endeavour, and Celtic get to lift that SWPL1 trophy with green and white ribbons attached.

Jacynta in action against Forfar

All the final day fixtures kick off at 4.10pm.  Motherwell versus Celtic will be shown on the BBC sport Scotland website and if you can handle the back and forward swings BBC Alba is showing the Glasgow City vs theRangers game at the same time.

We’ll leave you with some final words of wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

Best of luck from all at the Celtic Star to Celtic this afternoon. As with all the Celtic Family, we are all right there with you. Come on you girls in green!

Niall J

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