Celtic’s Gathering Storm

It’s not outrageous to talk of sacking Brendan Rodgers, but it’s madness to think that we will…

Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers. Final score Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. Celtic v Kilmarnock, Cinch Scottish Premiership, Celtic Park, 17 February 2024 Photo Stuart Wallace Shutterstock

Brendan Rodgers is a man currently in the firing line, and rightly so. Forget about being unbeaten in the last ten games and for a few hours at least still sitting at the top of the table, as the likelihood is that we will be in second place come this afternoon.

That may sound outrageous to those outside of our country, but it’s more than a valid point to suggest Brendan should be sacked. Why? Well I’m a glass half full kind of guy and like to see the positives where football is concerned, but even I have my doubts about Brendan’s ability to lead us to the title.

I for my sins thought we had turned a corner after our last gasp win at Easter Road and then successfully negotiating a tough cup tie at St Mirren. I wrote about how Brendan looked up for it after uncharacteristically showing vented passion after the cup win, boy was I wrong.

I can admit I was wrong, but can Brendan? That is why we are in the position we are in. Yes his ego. The reason why we have lost an eight point lead at the top. His refusal to change a style that isn’t working has opposing managers rubbing their hands with glee when it’s time to pit their wits against us.

Yes we may be unbeaten in the last ten games, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We are scraping by those games. It’s embarrassing. We don’t have a divine right to win every game, but we should most of the time be doing just that. Brendan gets paid a huge salary, much more than any of his counterparts. His players are on much more money than their counterparts. Yet still they outfight, outplay and outthink us near on every single game. That’s why it’s only natural to question his job security.

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Celtic v Kilmarnock – Celtic chairman Peter Lawwell and CEO Michael Nicholson during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on Saturday February 17, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

But while it’s not outrageous to say so, it’s outrageous to think our incompetent board will even think of doing so. Brendan is on a lucrative three year deal and it would cost a fortune to relieve him of his duties. It unfortunately ain’t going to happen. But there is a Gathering Storm over Paradise and they all know it.

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  1. Cant agree blaming Rodgers is exactly what the board want so sacking him is an easy out for them , he’s not blameless but i think if he was in charge of the purse strings we would be in a far better place , but they are not going to sack themselves or bin the players so the manager gets the boot same old story , the real culprits Desmond and his puppets will remain and its not just this league title but the next and more , really hope the Ghirls can give us a wee bit of joy today , Hail hail

    • Brendan Rodgers could have 26 Brazilians and still the same crap. He must go. Watching Celtic play is boring, predictable, and total washout. 2 number 9’s, 2 midfielders, what the hell is he thinking! But BR has done well, it has only taken him just over half a season to dismantle a treble winning, thirsty, hungry and good Celtic team. Be proud Brendan, you now have the players doing exactly as you ask, you are an absolute numpty.

  2. I could stomach the results if we were playing good football but not quite getting over the line but this is turgid dross we are watching. Rodgers is filling their heads with over analysed, slow tempo crap. Ange played fast paced high intensity football and kept it simple. We are not winning this league 😡

    • Lawwell has taken his time to get his revenge on our club.
      Him and his useless son are fully to blame for the state the team finds itself in.

  3. The whole thing is a sht show from top to bottom, these players with no bottle and most of them need a reality check as they think they are better than they realy are, when did you ever see mcgregor just boot the ball anywhere up the park in a panic and all the others playing the same ,and at the end when the manager is asked whats happening to the performances..he sais we are to slow and passing it back and side to much,well he sends them out there each week why dont you brendan say to the just before kick of to play direct fast football after all you are the manager,i dont even think he cares that much now as he know he has lost all confidence in the board and i feel the dressing room has been lost aswell.

  4. Of course he’s to blame, it’s his team and his style of play and it’s bloody awful to watch. I didn’t care for him – the person – first time around and I was, vehemently, against him coming back. There’s no grit in his teams, we have a defence with no pace, a midfield completely stale, a host of wingers who couldn’t produce a decent cross between them and a first class striker (actually this applies to all three of them) who must be totally dispirited by the lack of service. We send our centre backs up for every corner, only for it to be played short, then back. In fact, most of our play is backwards or, at best, sideways and THAT is Rodgers style, just awful. Time for a serious re-vamp at the club.

    • Rodgers yesterday man on around £3 million plus a contract over 3 years he is not going anywhere who going to offer him a prime job now so he sticks or we sack him welcome back to lawells rule .

  5. If we get rid of Rodgers then any chance of winning the league go’s out the window the only one that should be sacked is the board celtic wated for Rodgers to sign his contract then dident stick to there promise of quality players alwas the same sack the manager is the answer the board need to take the responsibility if we end up not winning the league

  6. My god, talk about short memories, have yous lost you minds, sack Rodgers, he wasn’t properly backed in January never mind last summer! Liewell & Co are going out of their way to shaft him (as he wasn’t THEIR man, he wasn’t THEIR pick for the managerial role). Rodgers is being set-up to fail, to help cover for their incompetence, to have him removed in order to put in place another ‘YES Man’, that won’t rock the boat and dose what he’s told!

    What about sack the board, where’s the calls to have Liewell & Co removed, for they are the root cause of all of this sudden upheaval. Liewell is only in the door a year and look what’s happening. They’ve deliberately went out of their way too caused division among the fanbase by stoking the fire, they had the Green Brigade removed, and now they are using Rodgers as a scapegoat to protect themselves and their money hoarding operation from within Celtic Park, to line their pockets and starve us of any sort of success on the European front.

    Our pitch looks like a Cowfeild, our recruitment department is full of wasters, we have a youth academy that doesn’t work (hasn’t worked in years) but systematically destroys the fragile careers of any aspiring Celtic first team teenager, we’ve £70 million (or more) in the bank, with an additional £15 million line of credit and they claim they can’t afford to buy players, WTF? And while all this is going on, we have a board simultaneously handing themselves millions in pay rises, just to stay a hair breath ahead Newco, seriously but WTF. Open you eyes, the board is the problem, not Rodgers. Liewell & Co are going out of their way to steal your hard-earned cash every year, in order to manufacture a false sense of competitiveness with our city revels, to prop them up and push them on, to save them and the SPFL long term, in order to negotiate shitty sponsorship deals that have us the laughing stock of Europe football

    Do yous remember when Liewell &Co (along with Lennon), screwed us over with the 10 in-a-row and when the fans righty kicked up a shit storm, they attacked us, the fanbase, with the following actions.

    The Board:

    Celtic fans backed us during a global pandemic, we flushed £35 million down the toilet & blew the 10iar, we the board erected barricades, we the board ignored yous and we the board used the blue nose tainted elements of the British media to insult & labelled our fanbase ( Celtic fans) with untrue, deceitful slurs of ‘entitled’, ‘mob’, ‘scum’ & ‘dirt’, yet, after all that, faithfully blind as they are, they still came back for more of the same, renewing in their thousands ???? beggars belief, they cant see the woods for the trees when it comes to this club. you’s want Champions League fitba, aye right, we’re downsizing! now shut up & give us your money, idiots.

    Lawwell, The enemy within, Celtics keyser soze

    1: He constantly interfered with the recruitment process
    2: He continuously undermined managers to pursue their his own agenda
    3: He flushed millions on project players & journeymen
    4: He Held back on money needed for European qualifiers
    5: He and the board have regressed Celtic to a joke & laughing stock of European football, to the point we’ve become the
    whipping boys for Europe’s smaller clubs
    6: Under his mismanagement, we’ve only qualified for the champions league twice in the last eight years
    7: under his mismanagement we’ve lost out on 280 million of much needed champion’s league revenue
    8: under his mismanagement he and the board flushed 35 million down
    the toilet, blew the 10iar & called it progress
    9: under his mismanagement, sevco have been resurrected to save the ‘old firm’ brand & the long-term financial future of the SPFL

  7. Sadly the quality signings are not quality wingers galore when Forest is better than them all A striker who’s third choice at Norwich Persistence in playing players who should be near the first choice Bernabai Yang Ralston Welsh Bernardo OH,sadly Maeda Yet players like Narwocki don’t get a start CCV is great player so why did spurs let him go simple never off injury bench Kyogo was making runs and never getting a pass McGregor overplayed Squad needs gutted and money spent Rodgers was never the answer