Celtic’s kit deal still trumps rivals by at least £10m

Although it’s not the only way to measure the size of a club, it’s generally accepted that the more money you manage to get from a kit manufacturer, then the bigger you are as a club.

Football Insider recently looked at some of the kit deals happening in Scotland, but Celtic are still miles in front.

They indicate that the Rangers will get around £20m from their new deal with Castore – which is apt as both were only formed in recent years.

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While that is a hefty sum, it appears that it’s still very much in Celtic’s shadow when you compare it with their new agreement with Adidas.

They quote a source at Celtic who says that the Adidas deal is worth at least £30m, so it’s a considerably higher amount over the same five year period.

The report also indicates that Celtic’s annual revenue is almost double what the Ibrox club managed to bring in, so that does suggest that this dominance is here to stay for a good while yet.

The report also indicates that the recent New Balance deal was worth around £25m over the past five years, so it shows there is still a big gulf between the clubs in a commercial sense too.

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