Celtic’s Manager Hunt – Whisper it, we’re warming to Brendan

Brendan Rodgers has been tipped for a return to the club ever since the departure of Ange Postecoglou. His odds were favourable at the start of the week before nosediving the next day, but yesterday betting was that fierce on the Irishman that many bookies suspended betting.

Of course bookies odds probably mean hee haw, but does someone know something? And more importantly would Brendan Rodgers be bold enough to come back to Celtic? Of course he would, but how would the support feel about it?

Brendan Rodgers and Kieran Tierney of Celtic are seen during the UEFA Champions League Qualifier between Celtic and Alashkert FC at Celtic Park on July 18, 2018 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

I myself still haven’t forgiven Brendan for walking out on us at such a vital time and most supporters undoubtedly feel the same. Sometimes though the bigger picture is the most important thing. Is Brendan Rodgers a good manager? Yes. Will he be successful? Certainly. The experience he gained at Leicester City has most definitely added to his already impressive knowledge of the game, and that is yet another plus.

So, if we are able to set aside our previous differences,  it’s actually a no brainer. He’s a man with great knowledge of the club and some of the players, he knows the Scottish game, and more importantly he’s a superb manager who is tried and tested as a successful, trophy winning manager at Celtic.

26th November 2017, Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland; Scottish League Cup Final, Motherwell versus Celtic; Brendan Rodgers with the trophy

Again, the only problem is, it’s Brendan Rodgers. Can we see past that? It will be tough but we should do, if he’s a success he will be forgiven.

He is undoubtedly a talented and experienced manager and that’s exactly what we need at the moment. Is it time to put our feelings behind us and think of what’s best for the club? I think most supporters are slowly warming to the idea even if some won’t admit it. An interesting few weeks ahead are in store that’s for sure.

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  1. Jim O'Rourke on

    We can’t really lose if we appoint him as he has to be successful right away to win over a lot of us who struggle to forgive him walking out on us at crucial time of the season (myself included)

  2. He’s a manager with a 2 seasons (3 absolute max) shelf-life. Given our average stay for a manager over last 10/12 years he’ll do the job. At least we know what we are getting and that’s enough to dominate Scottish football.
    Some may say he’s no good for Europe and that’s arguably fair comment, but until we get a board who are willing to see Champions League football as an ambition to embrace and develop towards, rather than just pocket the cash, as I fear in part led to the loss of Ange, then Rodgers is the ideal candidate.
    Give him the job and once in post get a structure in place which ensures we are not ‘blindsided’ by managerial moves in the future by having an ever-updated list of suitable candidates that would allow for continuity in style and a quick and smooth transition when the inevitable happens.

  3. UlyssesGunt on

    Personally I would have him back , as I blame Liewell more for his departure that Brendan R … I’m sure if I was in a similar position as he was ( being undermined ) I might just have done the same .

    It still leaves the huge question , how would their relationship be if he came back ? Unless DD has had a word and told Liewell to stick to his own job , stop interfering and buying 5 wingers that no one wants .

  4. After the way Brendan left us I am a wee bit skeptical about him ,but if the board choose him to come back then we will all and should get behind him. After all WE ARE CELTIC. !! A CELTIC FAMILY, so let’s get on with it. I for one will not give up my season ticket as we must stand behind the boards thinking. HAIL Hail

  5. Not for me, I couldn’t take the insincerity, Danny McGrain was my hero etc he was at the same pish when he went to Leicester saying he’d always had a soft spot for them, had he left like Ang at the end of the season, I could have accepted that. He left us high and dry and we ended up with Lenny as a consequence. He had a large part to play in us not winning the 10. “Brendan Rodgers wasn’t here for 10 in a row”

  6. No but we need to understand that any manager will only last 2 seasons max. if he wins the league an offer will come from the EPL, if he does not we sack him. Someone might stay three years but longer, I doubt it. But Rodgers would be hard to accept. Plus he does not bring in bargain players, he needs big money. That’s why he left. For God sake will someone at Celtic approach Knutsen. He ticks all the boxes but might not be interested as he is happy where he is. You know the way Ange was 6 weeks or so ago. This guy was offered jobs in the EPL and Germany but said No. But it can’t hurt to ask.

  7. I don’t think any of us know the reasons for his departure mid-season. May not be entirely him to blame. The last few weeks have shown that there is no sentiment in football these days. If he is the best candidate for the job, then he should be appointed.

  8. Mr Vincent McSherry on

    all of the so called contenders are a bit of a gamble,certainly not Brendan! Forgive and forget (and move on)