Chaos in The Emirates Bus Park has a Sensible Solution

Many of our supporters found themselves very annoyed, frustrated and even a little worried for their safety in the Emirates Bus Park last night after the Real Madrid game.

Now, granted, it was a huge crowd, but that does not excuse the absolute chaos that developed at the narrow exit for the Bus Park. For reasons known to themselves the stewards seemed to have disappeared, and there were no policemen in sight – something that meant that a free for all developed at the gate with buses trying to get out and “attacking” the exit from all directions.

The wonder was that no accident happened as might well have been the case with frustrated and angry drivers. Well over an hour after the full time whistle, many buses were still in the Bus Park, and the annoying thing was that the motorway is little more than a mile away!

Clearly the disappearance of the stewards is something that needs an explanation. In the past when the stewards have been in charge and allowed buses to depart one row at a time, there has been a certain orderly delay, but never the mayhem that developed last night. It is something that the club needs to address, certainly well before the next European game on 11 October and preferably before Livingston arrive on Saturday.

But there is a permanent solution available. That would be if the club (and don’t anyone dare tell me that they can’t afford it!) were to build an exit gate on to the Clyde Gateway road, and then, after a game, there would be a designated “bus lane” all the way to the Motorway. The “feeding” roads would be sealed off for a time to allow the buses to go, but as the buses would now go quickly, this would not take long. In this way there is no reason why every bus cannot be on the Motorway within 45 minutes at most of the final whistle.

A bus arriving for the game would not have to turn round but would be directed immediately to the exit gate which would of course be closed until such time as the stewards would be able to arrange, as soon after the game as possible, an orderly exit on to the designated bus lane.

Celtic have every reason to be proud of their support and their support have every reason to be proud of many aspects of the club. This is one area where an improvement is looked for. As far as I’m aware, there has not yet been an accident in the Bus Park.

One day we might not be so lucky.

David Potter

About Author

I am Celtic author and historian and write for The Celtic Star. I live in Kirkcaldy and have followed Celtic all my life, having seen them first at Dundee in March 1958. I am a retired teacher and my other interests are cricket, drama and the poetry of Robert Burns.


  1. It’s not only the Emiirates bus park. My supporters bus parks at the Jock Stein stand. We were sat there for more than an hour before getting out.
    It needs a full review and resolution.

    • The problem is no police on points duty at traffic lights this causes delays. When last bus leaves JS Coach park the police up and away and still we have about 70 blue badge holders to try and exit with nobody helping us out Into main traffic flow.
      Some games we are allowed out first which helps but because of no control at the lights it’s still a nightmare.

  2. This has been an ongoing bug bear of mine for years now.
    It is a dangerous abdication of responsibility by the very people paid to keep you safe.
    Every home game is a chance for a new match commander to “make his mark”.
    London Road became so bad we now try to go via Tollcross but even that was down to one lane, with controlled lights, at one point.
    The club surely have a duty of care for their customers and should be asking question about the ongoing traffic shambles.
    I wouldn’t hold my breath though after all we’re still waiting for the report into the crush under the North Stand almost four years ago.