Charlie Nicholas shockingly fires shot at Stiliyan Petrov

Stiliyan Petrov. One of Celtic’s best players this century, a fan favourite and a man who won many accolades in his time at Celtic Park.

You’d have thought his tactical knowledge, insight and remarks on the game of football would be cherished and valued, no? I think most of us certainly would.

But not ex-Celtic striker and failed pundit Charlie Nicholas.

Winning barely anything in his time at Celtic, Nicholas has no right to try and laud himself over the talent that Petrov clearly had over him, never mind blatantly criticise him on a public platform – but that is exactly what he has done.

Photo: Andrew Milligan

Having listened to Stiliyan Petrov on BT Sport’s coverage of Real Betis’ 4-3 win over the Hoops on Thursday night, Nicholas took to Twitter to air his thoughts on how the Bulgarian conducted himself live on camera.

“Why is Stiliyan Petrov doing the @CelticFC game?

“He knows nothing about this new Hoops team!

“They need to get someone who is in the know with Celtic nowadays, who can give good insight on this team.”

That certainly wouldn’t be you then, would it Charlie? Otherwise, you’d have been there on Sky Sports’ coverage when you were employed by them – presumably taken off because you weren’t good at giving insights on teams.

Let the players who have played in European finals and consistently won trophies at Celtic Park talk about matters on the famous green and white before you attack them for doing so…

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  1. How dare Charlie Nicholas try to tell us anything about Celtic? We still remember 1983. Unforgiven!