Cheer Up Poll, Vote Now – Dons Shame Game, 4 red cards and the top 2 offensive chants

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CELTIC’S recent success on You Tube, as a result of providing more content on this platform rather than keeping it behind the payment wall on Celtic TV, is encouraging. This allows Celtic and the supporters to communicate without the middle-man so to speak.

Now when that ‘middle-man’ is Celtic fans media then there’s nothing at all wrong with that. However this is a relatively new concept and one that is to be encouraged by the Celtic support, the ‘customers’ of media. Traditionally the ‘middleman’ has been the mainstream media and yesterday they were given their story by Derek McInnes reacting to the somewhat muted version of the ‘Cheer Up’ song.

On The Celtic Star last night Niall J disagreed with the Video Celts assertion that this song was somewhat ‘muted’ at Hampden yesterday and whether you were at the game or watched on the television, you’ll have your own view.

In the North Stand, towards the Celtic end, this Cheer Up song didn’t get picked up, it seemed to come from further along towards where the Aberdeen fans were located – so it was that section of Celtic fans who sang it and that seemed to be the direction in which McInnes made his gesture towards.

I didn’t notice that at the time but was pleased that the song wasn’t chanted by the vast majority of the support. We have been urging Celtic supporters to drop it – it is THEIR song, they used it to abuse TOMMY BURNS. I’d be delighted never to hear it sung again by the Celtic support – leave it to the Sheep Hordes.

Before the Betfred Cup Final myself and my boy approached the game from Langside and were subjected to severe sectarian abuse from a group of drunk/drugged Aberdeen neds.

But Celtic and indeed the Celtic fans need to put our own house in order. Derek McInnes if he heard the Cheer Up song must also have heard what his own supporter were singing.

Has he ever spoken out on this? Has Aberdeen? He was happy to throw the stone at the Celtic support. Does he live in a glass house?

TV stations can mute the sound to suit and also it’s not been beyond broadcasters – for instance the BBC – to false claim that songs have been sung when they hadn’t. Remember the Pat Nevin incident at a Hampden when he called out the Celtic support for singing a song he later admitted he hadn’t heard – it had been a producer sitting in one of those big lorries you see outside the ground – who whispered the ‘news’ in his ear when he was live for the half-time analysis. It was ‘fake news’ coming from a guy with an agenda – an anti-Celtic one.

The producer was a Hearts fan apparently. Nevin threatened to call out sectarian singing every-time he heard it but has been strangely muted ever since.

This morning the BBC Scotland agenda wasn’t the loss of discipline from Aberdeen that saw two players and both their manager and Assistant manager get sent off – Sheep Shame.

That was FOUR red cards, one apparently because he heard a ‘muted’ song he’d heard a hundred times before and that his own fans sang to Gerrard at Ibrox in the quarter final replay.

Their entire story was about that red card. What about the vicious, coward assaults from his two players, which put one Celtic player hospital and another one very lucky to avoid a broken leg? And what did his assistant get sent off for? Maybe complaining about the disgraceful singing from the Aberdeen end – you want to talk about OFFENSIVE Derek?

There were THREE offensive chants at that game yesterday and numbers one and two came from the Aberdeen fans. Here’s number two…

All last week Aberdeen were making a noise in the media, talking up the battle. They were played off the park and the referee got almost all the big calls correct – probably the only debatable one was the booking for James Forrest that was much more of a foul than a dive.

Was he fouled? Yes. Did he go down dramatically? Yes. That one went Aberdeen’s way on a day when they didn’t have a shot on target at the Celtic goal. In a Scottish Cup semi-final.

What we saw at the recent game against Rangers and yesterday against Aberdeen, is the chaos caused by Celtic winning so many trophies in a row. Their frustration at being unable to stop us is spilling over.

Our job as a support is to support Celtic – not cause Celtic problems or damage, embarrass or harm the club in any way.

McInnes tried everything and it failed. All he was left with was the sectarian squirrel and it was the Celtic supporters who chanted that Cheer Up song that gave it to him.

Earlier we mentioned the lyrics that E-Tims suggested this morning we start to sing for 8IAR star man James Forrest who scored a brilliant goal yesterday. We have a nasty song for McInnes and don’t have a nice one for Jamesy!

In the next few weeks the managers we will be up against include Gerrard, McInnes and Levein – twice.

All three have been subjected to the Cheer Up song by the Celtic support.

The media don’t us to sing it – because it would mean we’ve won the games – but their consolation prize is the Celtic bashing narrative that singing it gives them.

It’s an own goal. It’s a disgusting song that tarnishes the memory of Tommy Burns, stop it, bin it.

Sing Grace instead, it was so beautifully performed yesterday by ALL of the Celtic support at Hampden.


So should the Celtic support bin the Cheer Up song once and for all? We think that we should but let’s find out if you agree.

Should Celtic supporters bin the 'Cheer Up' song aimed at the likes of McInnes, Gerrard and Levein?

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