Chris Sutton and an Ibrox contender for the Simulation Game

Imagine diving in a friendly. I was unaware that Last night’s pre season friendly between theRangers and Olympaicos was taking place, but thanks to the wonderful world of social media it was widely highlighted, well a certain incident at least.

That incident in question was regarding Tik Tok Todd Cantwell, the Norfolk Zidane, who quite clearly embarrassed himself by diving to win a penalty in the friendly clash. It’s quite clear that Todd likes to throw himself to the ground on a regular basis. Which is quite surprising as it puts him in danger of messing up his those blonde locks of his.

It was a clear a dive you will ever see and not surprisingly was awarded by Scottish official Stevie McLean. A taste of things to come eh?

Chris Sutton as expected called out Todd’s cheating, and quite rightly too, as don’t expect anyone else in the SMSM to call it out. Imagine if it was Kyogo?

Big Sutton is not afraid to put his opinions out there, no matter who it offends, and expect the fragile mob over at Ibrox to be mightily offended. The crayons might even be out as we speak, preparing one of those famous statements.

Chris has already been told in the past his safety can’t be guaranteed at Grayskull. That in itself is a disgrace and something that’s being totally ignored by the governing bodies in our game. Kris Boyd seems to be able to attend games at Celtic Park without any such concerns.

Will Sutton be pulled up for his latest opinion? I can sense another reprimand for Chris heading from Ibrox way. Not that he’ll give a jot. Don’t expect the welcome mat to be rolled out anytime soon at Ibrox for big Chris, and when Sky Sports are next at Ibrox to broadcast a match it is going to be interesting to see if Sutton is allowed in to work for the broadcaster and if not what Sky Sports will have to say about that?

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