Chris Sutton’s verdict on Starfelt’s pending Celtic exit

Chris Sutton has commented on the gathering rumours surrounding a Carl Starfelt exit from Parkhead.

Celtic legend, Chris Sutton, has revealed his worry about the possible loss of Celtic’s centre-back, Carl Starfelt as it may leave Celtic exposed at the back should an injury occur.

While nothing is yet confirmed, it is believed that Carl Starfelt may be planning an exit from the Hoops this summer. Starfelt has put in two good years of service and dedication at Celtic, so if he believes it is time for a different challenge, he should be allowed to pursue that.

In a post-match interview with SkySports, Brendan Rodgers commented that a move may be in the works, with Starfelt having ‘reasons’ for the move. This could be a possible nod to Starfelt’s relationship with Jacynta, as she made her move to Lisbon earlier this summer.

Amusingly, an online comment claimed that Starfelt ‘didn’t even try long distant first’ before making a move. Commenting on social media, Sutton had this to say: “I don’t think Celtic should be in a rush to get Starfelt out the door. CCV and Nawrocki may be the first choice but if anything happens to them….”

Carl Starfelt. Photo AndrewxMilligan

In any case, Sutton’s view does make sense, without ample cover in the defence, our chances for winning trophies this season could be hammered to say the least.  Brendan Rodgers though will surely be looking at an additional signing if and when Starfelt heads out the door at Celtic Park for the last time as a Celtic player.

Celtic v Ross County – Kyogo Furuhashi and team-mates applaud the fans after the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday August 5, 2023. Photo Steve Welsh

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  1. Any real knowledge fan will know we have just improved our back four in spades by bringing in Nawrocki! Starfelt isn’t fit to carry his kit!
    I have never liked Starfelt from the first time I saw him. CCV carried him, a fact which was glaringly obvious when both playets had individual spells on the sidelines. While Starfelt was out injured, CCV nurtured whoever replaced Starfelt in our backline and still played exceptionally well himself.
    However, when CCV was out, the experienced Starfelt was flopping around and we lost two straight games to mediocre clubs losing seven goals in the process, tied the third, losing two more goals, and the other central defender(s) playing alongside our “experienced” Starfelt, were both horrendously exposed learning nothing in the process, except that they should never partner Starfelt again!
    Starfelt’s good numbers were down to CCV, not to Carl Starfelt!
    So stop kidding youself!

    • Agree 100%, well put 💚 .. & of course we’ll buy cover, goes without saying. I honestly believe that BR watched all the previous games & knew Starshite was not up to standard & this quick exit is a face saver for Calamity Carl. Good riddance!