Clement now knows his place, his tactics to spoil the final almost paid off

Yesterday at Hampden Park Celtic did what Celtic does, they found a way to win yet again. Over the past decade or more this club we all love so much has delivered trophy after trophy, as one of the most successful spells in its history continues unabated.

No matter who the manager is, no matter the make up of our squad and no matter the challenges our own board put in front of us each season with their miserly financial support, we have an ingrained mentality around the club that just breeds success.

Heading into yesterday’s final I had high hopes that we were ready to hand out a thrashing to our rivals from across the city. We have threatened to give them a hammering on a few occasions this season yet we have been unable to find that full 90 minute performance against them. We have dominated most of the games, and it personally became a bit of an annoyance to me that we hadn’t handed them the thumping they deserve on those occasions. I thought yesterday could have been different but the game played out in a manner I doubt many of us saw coming.

As a spectacle the game wasn’t the most exciting. That’s an understatement. It was as poor a Glasgow Derby as I have seen in a long while. There weren’t many chances at either end and I pity the person handed the task of creating a highlight reel after that one.

Philippe Clement brought his side to Hampden knowing they weren’t capable of going toe to toe with this Celtic team. He brought them into the final to play the role of spoilers, to disrupt the flow of the game and turn it into an ugly affair that would give his team of jobbers a chance at glory. To be fair to the Belgian Waffle his tactics were spot on. We would have picked them apart with ease if they had gone toe to toe with us. This was the only chance they had.

The game was more reminiscent of a game against the likes of Ross County, a team who lacked skill but would get in around our players and affect their flow. The starting line up with the likes of Raskin and Diomande starting in midfield let us know what they were planning. Inside the opening 20 minutes you knew this game wasn’t going to be one for the ages. With little action at either end the game became more a test of wills. I’m sure at half time Clement was telling his players the game was there for the taken. In the end however it was the same old story.

With the 90 minutes almost up and our opponents surely dreaming about winning in extra time or on penalties, Celtic showed once again that ruthless winning mentality that the bottles jobs they were playing against can only dream of. Out of nowhere Paulo Bernardo finally finds that bit of space our midfielders had been looking for all day and unleashed a swerving strike towards goal. Ibrox hero and player of the year Jack Butland spilled it and Adam Idah was there to pounce and bring the Scottish Cup back to Parkhead.

It must absolutely kill theRangers fans watching these matches. Most days we are completely embarrassing them. Others even when we aren’t at our best we still manage to find a way to win. Defeats like yesterday must hurt even more than the games where we dominate. It’s the hope that kills them. They still refuse to look inwards however, it’s easier to blame everyone else. Those pesky Celtic loving officials are to blame for this one. They honestly believe that the referees are on Celtic’s side. Freud would have a field day trying to work their fanbase out. Their insanity knows no bounds.

I hope as Celtic fans we can appreciate how lucky we are. We have a team who may at times disappoint but when it matters most they almost always produce the goods. We must be thankful that we are a club run the correct way. We don’t cheat and we don’t take shortcuts, our manager, his staff and our players put the hard yards in and deliver time and time again.

When you see the contrasting mentality compared to our city rivals it really is night and day. We don’t need to run around plastering ludicrous statements like The World’s Most Successful Club across our stadium. We don’t need to constantly tell everyone that We Are The People. We just prove what we are time and time again where it matters. Out on the pitch.

Well done to all involved with Celtic this season and thanks from us all for delivering a cup double. Unlike the peepul across the city we will never take our success for granted, but we sure as hell will enjoy it while it lasts.

I for one am looking forward to next season already.

Conall McGinty

About Author

Hailing from Cushendall in the North of Ireland my formative years were spent watching Celtic during our barren spell through the 90's which meant I have appreciated our recent trophy-laden spell even more. Favourite matches home and away I've attended has to be beating Man Utd 1-0 at Celtic Park and being with my 2 brothers watching us beat Lazio 2-1 in Rome. Best away day experience? Has to be Munich with friends from Coatbridge...what a few days!


  1. UlyssesGunt on

    Nice one Conall … thanks for your time and efforts in putting out the truth !

  2. I sincerely believe that what really burns these guys right now is the realization that for the MOST part, (though clearly not ALWAYS), VAR means they actually have to play to the same rules as their opponents.
    Especially during the high profile games where the officials they usually have in their pockets are also u der the scrutiny of the public.
    They still of course manage to get away with a few mind-blowing shockers like the blatant hand-ball by Davies, one seemingly which didn’t even warrant a discussion between the referee and Brother Beaton back in the studio! Let’s be honest, regardless of the amount of “pundits” or ex-referees they poll on this one, this was as blatant as they come! It was deliberate arm to ball, not ball to arm!
    But this non-call apart, they don’t like to play to the rules! Well, not the ones we all have to play to at least!

  3. Love the photo of the request to supporters to return to their seats.
    Half of them heading home gutted.
    Celtic Abu.

  4. James Gallagher on

    Not one of the most…,”THE” in capitals, most successful period in the clubs history. By far 👊💥

    • RPM Celticfan on

      No chance mate when we dominated domestically AND reached European finals was by FAR our most successful period , Hail hail .

  5. Yes poor game but that’s down to clements tactics of spoiling tactics you see it tavernier walking slowly to take throw ins corners I’m sure they have concentrated on dead ball all week especially corners which they know was there best chance to score they concentrated on front post balls bring Hart forward it was well worked but Hart showed like one earlier by tipping over and would have done the same you can’t impede the goalie or blatant push so wheres the argument onthe push outside the box Taylor was getting pushed to there was a bigger shout kyogo getting taken out by Davis ref gave corner infact it was a bykick no var forest never got going kuhn getting used to playing in front of large crowd I’d like to see kyoko abd aduh together one could go wide they both have speed hopefully both aduh and bernardo both 22 sign £6million is fair and I’m sure is good for two young players who will only get better aduh abd bernardo done well tes rangers players were out on there feet with chasing after Celtic midfield and kyoko never stops moving central defence rest I’m sure Rodgers tells kyoko he will have 60 minutes so be busy you seen it this year since we got adhu uts a sgaud game they go out there to run opposition into ground that’s why we score so late in games left side needs help abd signing bernardo he a better ball winner than hiata and has hieght which celtic are lacking especially in spl they say our defence needs strengthen tes on left side Taylor height a problem rangers never bothered Hart only corners our full backs stopped decent cross balls so our defence were never under pressure rangers never really attack with force cause the knew Celtic would have picked them of yes they played defensively even there one of there wingers was a fullback to shackle maeda