Clyde 1 Blue Nosed Clown Takes a Pop at Celtic Star Kyogo

Quasi-pundit and Clyde 1 Clown, Alex Rae, has taken a pop at Celtic superstar, Kyogo Furuhashi after his involvement in a penalty incident at the weekend versus Livingston. This comes after Kyogo was slapped by Ayo Obileye on the head, consequently going down in the box for which the referee correctly awarded a spot kick.

Following the events of the weekend, the partisan Rae told Clyde 1’s Superscoreboard: “I thought it was embarrassing, the actual contact doesn’t justify your legs going away. He actually goes to try and hold the front of his face, then realises he has been hit in the back of the head.”

“For me, it was a penalty because you can’t hit people in the box, especially in the head. So, I don’t have any issues with that side of it, however, to go down in the manner which he did was embarrassing.”

: Kyogo Furuhashi. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

At the very least he admitted it was a penalty, but for Rae to comment on Kyogo going down as embarrassing is hyperbolic to say the least. The player is entitled to go down after being struck, and that happens ad nauseam everywhere in football.

For Rae to claim it’s “embarrassing” is clearly a poor attempt to vilify and controversialise our most potent attacking weapon, in the ridiculously pathetic hope that referees and the media target him for being a simulator or a cheat of some sort.

If I were Alex, I would be more embarrassed at the fact Mr Madden never acknowledged both the goalkeeper being off his line before Giakoumakis took the penalty, and the fact Livi players were in the box before the ball had been struck either. Perhaps he should be even more concerned by the antics of his former club? Yes, quite embarrassing indeed, Alex.

People in glass houses and all that…

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  1. Eh, but the gargoyle is right for once.. I cringed when i saw him go card and.penalty all day ,of course.but absolutely embarrassing by the wee man also. No need (or right,as you call it)