Congratulations to James Forrest – what a terrific record

A terrific record by James Forrest…

Just the other day I questioned James Forrest and his ability to continue at Celtic and I have no wish to change that as I still feel that his time at Celtic, sadly is drawing to a close.

That doesn’t mean I can’t praise him though for his goal against Ross County yesterday, a goal that gives him the honour of scoring in 15 consecutive seasons for the club. That is a truly remarkable achievement and one that is so impressive in the modern era.

There can’t be many players in the club’s history to have achieved such a feat, Bobby Lennox being the only other that immediately springs to mind for me but my colleague on The Celtic Star, Matthew Marr (@hailhailhistory) compiled this list yesterday afternoon…

Top ‘successive seasons’ scorers for Celtic

Top ‘successive seasons’ scorers for Celtic

Jimmy McMenemy, 18

Bobby Lennox, 17

Paul McStay, 16

Jimmy McGrory, 16

Jimmy Quinn, 15

Patsy Gallacher, 15

James Forrest, 15

Andy McAtee, 14

Roy Aitken, 14

Sandy McMahon, 13

Jimmy Johnstone, 13

Stevie Chalmers, 12

John Hughes, 12

Bobby Murdoch, 11

For James to achieve this is truly remarkable and an honour he can be extremely proud of and that’s some company for Jamesy to keep in that list is it not?  Giant names in the history of Celtic Football club and if David Potter had still been with us there’s no doubt that he would have been writing about James Forrest’s achievement today.  

James’ playing days for Celtic may well be coming to an end at the club but that doesn’t mean we can’t applaud him for all he’s done and achieved for the club over the years. Milestones like he reached yesterday will be carved in stone for many years and it’s one that he should be praised for, no matter your feelings about him.

Like many I don’t feel James has still what it takes to start for the club any longer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge him for achieving such a feat. Well done James. Every single name on that list shown above is a Celtic legend and there can be no argument that James Forrest is well deserving of that status too.

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  1. James deserves all the plaudits, yours sounds a bit half hearted.
    James has nothing to prove, he is a genuine Celtic Legend. His position is a specialist one & he now uses his experience to develop it to suit his age, and more importantly how he can best serve the team.
    He reads the game well, is an excellent passer of the ball,gets in to good goal scoring positions & keeps himself in shape whether selected to play or not. Loved his goal celebration yesterday, you could see how much it meant to him.
    James works well in combinations with his team mates, I recall James & Tom Rogic having a fruitful relationship. They made the difference to Celtic winning many games.
    James comes across as someone one who doesn’t really enjoy the limelight & is happy for his colleagues to be the star. Over the years we’ve seen these guys come in to Celtic, use us & quickly move on. IMHO we should be very grateful to not only James, but to the managers & coaches who work with him & realise his important contribution to the Club over 15 seasons.
    Congratulations James, here’s to many more. You understand it’s about Celtic, not about you & for that we supporters should be truly thankful you have chosen to play your football here & not moved on to other clubs like so many of your peers.