Consider this plea in mitigation then forgive Brendan’s sins and misdemeanours

The Brendan Rodgers rumours won’t go away and the fact that it’s been reported he’s scheduled to have face to face talks with Dermot Desmond, it looks like there could be a very good chance of the Irishman returning to Celtic Park.

An overwhelming majority of the support are starting to warm to his possible return, some others are rather more wary, and with good reason. I ask you this, forget Brendan was ever at the club first time round, would you still be thinking twice about his appointment?

He guided Liverpool to within a whisker of the EPL title. A fifth and sixth placed finish with Leicester city as well as an FA cup win. That’s a quality CV and we would have no qualms about approving of someone else of that calibre.

And if you do factor in his record at Celtic before be blotted his copybook, you can include two trebles in a row and leaving the stage set for a third treble and even a fourth. He won seven trophies from seven at Celtic and left us clear at the top of the league. In Europe his record was not so great but nevertheless better than Ange Postecoglou’s.

Ange Postecoglou, Manager of Celtic, Celtic FC and Shakhtar Donetsk on October 25, 2022.(Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Admittedly it is hard to look past his ‘sins and misdemeanours’ of the February 2019, but continued success for the club is the number one priority and appointing a man of Brendan’s quality would be a major step in achieving that goal.

The manner in which Rodgers left remains unforgivable to some Celtic supporters but there were also plenty unhappy about the appointment of the relatively unknown Ange Postecoglou in June 2021. And you need to factor in the discontent behind the scenes with the manager (Rodgers) and the CEO (Lawwell) at loggerheads and the latter actually signing a few players in that January window without the manager’s involvement.

Dermot Desmond and Chief Executive of Celtic Peter Lawwell look on prior to the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 first leg match between Celtic FC and FC Internazionale Milano at Celtic Park Stadium on February 19, 2015. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

The manner in which Rodgers left meant that the fans anger was directed towards him and him alone while Peter Lawwell was able to negotiate a substantial compensation package of around £8.5m from Leicester City and come out of it smelling of roses. He re-appointed Neil Lennon (who had also left previously left Celtic for England) and he was able to take Rodgers’ team across the line to complete the Treble Treble, with those two  players signed by the de facto Director of Football contributing next to nothing.

It would be another year before the wheels truly came off the Lawwell express targeting Ten in a Row and the signings in that transfer window, together with the unrest within the squad, on reflection were an accident waiting to happen at Celtic Park.

The one thing all Celtic supporters agree on is that we need an elite manager not just a cheap, compliant one. If we can get that plus have the added experience of a course and distance treble winner who knows the club and knows the league then we surely we have the right man for the job?

: Neil Lennon the manager of Celtic with Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive of Celtic brfore the Scottish Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 14, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rodgers has other options, one being Leeds United. Or he could stick to his original plan and spend much of the year working on his tan over in Mallorca. He will be seeking assurances from Dermot Desmond that he will not have the same level of interference like the last time, and unless that is guaranteed then he won’t be coming back.

This is also the first major challenge for Michael Nicholson as the Celtic CEO because he now has the top executive job at the club and not the now Chairman Peter Lawwell, who as CEO played a significant role in bringing in Ange Postecoglou in 2021. But this time around he is the Chairman and Nicholson the CEO. Nicholson established a decent working relationship with Postecoglou, and if he can do the same with Rodgers then this can work.

Elite coaches don’t tend to stay around for too long so for two or three seasons, Celtic’s domination should continue under Brendan Rodgers, the name incidentally that theRangers fans fear most.

If Rodgers says no then we will be back to the City Group for our next managerial appointment and that is surely a much great risk to our continued success than putting our differences with Brendan Rodgers to the side for the sake of our football club.

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  1. David Potter on

    Lawwell signing players without Rodgers involvement? Would you care to name a few names and produce some evidence for this?

    • shved ? for one, did Rodgers not allude to it in a presser, easily found, if you care to search for it.

  2. Fact number one there is no guarantee of success that some seem to think there is, The last time he was here he involved in many one horse races ,leading to the trophy wins some cite as being an indicator of his genius. Can you tell how good a horse is it has had 7 walk overs at the start of its racing career. ? The last time he was here he also said “ it’s big money in China but I have happiness here” . He wasn’t happy enough as it turned out.. How will the players respond to this version of the living dead after experiencing the dynamic Ange? Some may move on before they intended to.The Japanese boys reespecially ,they’re big on honour. What will they make of his antics in the past?Then of course we come to main reason for not having him here…he’s a smarmy git. Celtic have no pride,no pride at all and that was before they traipsed to Spain to crawl to him.

    • Read your comment before you post it. Try again, in lingo we can read and have a chance of understanding. The fans who love big respectable Ange, but think Rodgers was, and is a rat, are what they are, fools. Heard one of our fans say they were 50/50 if Ange would stay, or go to spurs, after the cup final, there are no words for these people, but they wish Ange ( rat ? ) all the best in london, but hate the thought of the ” rat ” coming back. Football has shown me, not taught ,because it was never a lesson, more of a learned experience. Very intelligent people, decent people, good values, some with no values, some nutters, alongside business men, very wealthy, and poor. My point is, when football is involved, people lose their minds, logic and general rational, we all do it, why ? they speak of emotion, being attached, fuck knows what it is for every individual, but it is something. i love celtic, do not like football, i can ignore football, and i do for a large part, another thing trying to ignore your club, very hard to do, cannot be done to be honest. the only loyal people at celtic, and all other clubs, are the fans, we hold all the power ( fans that is ) but are treated like ” customers ” and pests for a lot of them. My club, is the fans, what would celtic be with no fans, or any club for that matter. Most fans fail to realise, players, and staff, work for the club. No fans, there is no club, so who do they work for ? the fans. There has been a ban on drink being sold in, or BROUGHT in to scottish football grounds for 40 odd years. We all know this is a sleight of hand, you in corporate ? drink away, you in certain seats ? drink away, you in the cheaper seats ? you cannot be trusted, why fans put up with it is mental, some might not want drink available, i get that, but all fans should have the choice. I will get behind Rodgers, doubt some of our fans will though, heard peters pet is making noises against his return ( quick sand news ) with his son working there, it is a recipe for disaster, fans who hate him ( because they were fools ) the house of celtic looks like it will be divided, it’s what we do, burn it down, blame arsonists ( huns ) then start re- building, but build we will. hail to all decent celts, and tims.

  3. ” … forget Brendan was ever at the club first time round, would you still be thinking twice about his appointment?” Yes, his most recent appointment got the team he managed relegated. Plus, ” … he’s a smarmy git.” Plus see Forrest Finishing on twitter for a forensic analysis of his time at Celtic.