Contactless Payment Problem as Supporters charged twice for catering purchases at Celtic Park

If you were at Celtic Park on Wednesday night – or any recent game – for the game against St Mirren and purchased anything from the catering services inside the ground then you will have paid by contactless or certainly by card as Celtic no longer accept cash. It can be hit and miss whether the internet is working well enough to allow the contactless method to work, so you often see supporters scratching their heads trying to remember their PIN number when having to insert their card into the wee machine.

Anyway it appears that the cost of your recent purchases, whether it was like me a macaroni pie and a coffee – was at the game myself in midweek as my boy could make it – that the price you paid will have turned out to be much higher than expected. Double actually as it appears that many supporters have been charged twice for their pies and drink purchases.

And if you notice the error yourself (congratulations on being that observant) then you’re going to have to go round in circles to resolve the matter with Celtic directing you to your card provider and them telling you that it’s actually a Celtic problem.

Here’s a flavour of what’s being said. With the first supporter talking about either an earlier game or has simply got his days mixed up.

“Just seen a friends tweet that he had been charged double when using his card at Celtic Park on Sunday buying food during the game. Just checked my account and I am the same, so would advise checking. @CelticFCSLO is this a known issue?”

John Paul Taylor, the Celtic FC SLO confirmed that it was saying: “Yes, looks like it may an issue with the card provider, recommend you contact them to advise, also email me with details please, thanks and apologies.”

The claim that it is a card provider issue seems strange – how do they know that I bought just the one pie and drink rather than the two I usually buy, which they’d see if they look at my account? And other supporters seem to have the same view.

“Rbs advising to contact Celtic to fix this error. Its unacceptable that Celtic have no cash options and when errors occur it’s our issue not the clubs. The club should make a statement regarding this not fans complaining to JP on Twitter. Absolute shambles,” Stefan stated. Couldn’t agree more, Celtic really do need to restore the cash payment option, particularly as the current plan isn’t fit for purpose.

“Not a issue with card provider. It’s at Celtic end. Happened to me after game on 20/2/2022 and after Wednesday. Usual from celtic no our fault deal with it yourself,” said 1888.

“I’m the same JP. I work in tech, not totally convinced issue is with the card provider, as I’m a different bank to others in thread. May be issue closer to terminal as it took me 3 attempts to pay. First 2 looked to have failed at time but looks like one didn’t,” Martin Bate added. As I was saying current system struggles to be described as being fit for purpose.

Loads of other supporters have now been checking and finding out that this has happened to them either on Wednesday night or at earlier games. “Happened to me a few weeks ago”…”Happened to my son on weds night as well”…”Mine charged double as well I’ve just noticed”…”I’ve been charged twice to at St Mirren game”…”Just checked mine, same, charged twice!”…”Im the same as well”…”Yes I’m the same”…”Yep me too. Only £2.60 but off twice.”

A solution: “Yip me to. Just contacted my bank and filed a debit card dispute yesterday. Money was back in my account by cob yesterday.”

“Good stuff! Cheers mate.”

Meanwhile it’s certainly worth having a quick look at your bank account to see if you have been hit with double charges.

Celtic really do need to consider bringing back the cash payment option as many supporters – myself included – will be extremely reluctant to pay by contactless next time we’re at a game.

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