Could Teemu Pukki Be The Answer To Celtic’s Striker Problems?

It is widely accepted that Odsonne Edouard will leave Celtic in the summer, leaving Leigh Griffiths, Patryk Klimala and Albian Ajeti behind. Griffiths has not been a regular starter since Ronny Deila left the club and his fitness issues have been called into question on more than one occasion. Although, he does have a tremendous goalscoring record at all levels. Patryk Klimala is yet to impress and has scored very few goals during his time at Paradise, meanwhile Ajeti has been poor after making a blistering start to his Celtic career.

It is likely that Celtic will be in the market for a striker to replace Edouard and it will be difficult to get a proven goalscorer within our budget. We seemingly made an error in not signing Ivan Toney from England’s lower leagues in the summer, considering that he has now gone on to score goals at an incredible rate for Brentford. With that in mind, could the answer to our striker problem lie in the English Championship?

Teemu Pukki wasn’t great at Celtic a few years ago. Yet since then, he has scored consistently for Norwich in the Premier League and the Championship. I would argue that it is likely that he would perform better second time around as he certainly possesses quality. With a top manager and the promise of European football, he may well be attainable too.

Some supporters suggest that he wouldn’t be a good fit at Paradise, because he likes to play in behind the defence and most teams sit in against us. However, I would respond by pointing out that Leigh Griffiths has that same style, playing on the shoulder, and he seems to find the net regularly for us.

Pukki scored for Norwich this afternoon – his 19th goal in 30 Championship games. Should he be an option for Celtic moving forward? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. Considering we are on course back to the Premier league there is no way Teemu would leave to go back to Celtic. This journalist is living in cloud cuckoo land, yes maybe he would get to play in Europe for a couple of games but would he want to give up another chance to play in the premier and play in Scotland I think not. Maybe you have got a bigger stadium and play in Europe but the rest of the season is being played in a second rate league.

  2. He’s a player I liked at Celtic as such I’ve always watched his progress. He was a talented footballer at Celtic and has done well enough since.
    Great article Liam – For me his issue wasn’t the ability it was always the mentality.
    It takes more than the skill and the finishing to make it at Celtic. He’s played for 3 big clubs Schalke, Sevilla and Celtic – all the rest he’s been in a comfort zone. One in three games is good enough, no pressure to be more than the guy who is good enough and no more.
    He is a talented footballer but I don’t believe he doesn’t wilt under pressure to perform week in week out under real scrutiny and more importantly expectancy, and I’m sure given his record had the psychological assessments carried out alongside the footballing talent at big clubs down south matched his on field figures he’d have been scooped up by a Villa or a Palace. Norwich and their ilk is his level. Celtic were right to gamble at the time. Once bitten twice shy and all that however means we need to look elsewhere. We may have to gamble again of course but when it comes to Pukki we’ve been there and done it, as has he.

    • I’m not sure what the Celtic budget is, but I very much doubt that Pukki is within it. I’m also not sure he’d be likely to make the step down from the Premier League. Jog on…

  3. Why would he want to join, clearly he has found “his” club after years of promise but inability to settle and/or wrong club. Probably in the prem again so I ask the same question. Why would he want to join. I’d move on.

  4. DOuglas Beattie on

    I know it’s quite common for footballer’s late in their careers to downgrade to a lower league but Teemu Pukki has not reached that stage yet! He’s poised to return to the Premier League, why would he Be interested in this suggestion.

  5. And what makes you think Teemu would give even a second thought to leaving Norwich for Celtic?
    Get real