Creative scheduling hopes to allow all Celtic vs Rangers games to take place with fans in attendance next season

Even if they won’t admit it, it’s perfectly clear that Sky only want to show Scottish football because it means they can show at least four Glasgow derbies a year.

One of the biggest selling points of those games will always be the fans, even if the Rangers did manage to ruin the atmosphere slightly by reducing the number of away supporters.

The idea of playing these games behind closed doors as slightly intriguing because it would be amazing to hear everything said by the players throughout, but we know it just wouldn’t be the same.

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Clearly the league and the TV companies recognise that, as they are doing what they can to creatively schedule next season’s games to hopefully allow fans to attend.

As reported by The Sun via The Herald, the schedulers are looking at pushing every game into 2021, with the hope that government rules about large gatherings are relaxed by then.

Of course we still don’t truly know if that will be the case and it’s not even confirmed that next season will start on time either, but it looks like the league want their showpiece games to be as normal as possible.

If the league is close then they could take on an extra importance, as playing four times in fairly quick succession could make all the difference in the title race.

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