Crowning Glory, but which Venue

Celtic are now just one victory away form sealing back to back titles. The first game after the split will give us the opportunity to do so. It also happens to be the weekend that some big eared Toff gets to put a crown on. Glasgow awash with green and white will certainly put more than a few noses out of joint. It will certainly be interesting.

The fixtures have still to be confirmed, a disgrace when you consider it’s been known since Saturday evening who will be competing in the top six and bottom six.

No surprise though as it’s the much maligned SPFL who are in charge of the fixture list. It’s been said they have been in discussions with Sky Sports about fixture clashes and such.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sky want the first game to be the Derby at Ibrox, but the governing bodies will do all they can to body swerve such a powder keg fixture.

It’s ludicrous, what other league in world football wouldn’t want to show a potential title clincher in a powder keg derby clash? None that is the answer. No wonder our game can’t get a decent TV deal with those charlatans in charge. They can’t even market our game properly. The atmosphere will be intense, with one side vying for the title and the other hell-bent on stopping them. It’s got drama written all over it. Viewing figures would be through the roof. More fools them.

So as we wait patiently to find out where we can clinch the title, we know that it definitely won’t be at Ibrox.


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