Record left embarrassed after rankings put Celtic above Rangers

The Daily Record have been left embarrassed after weeks of running a rhetoric about theRangers being included in a new World club competition only to see Celtic come out ahead of them in the rankings.

The Record certainly are no friend of ours. Many hacks and editors from the rag have made a career out of having an agenda against our football club. Whether that’s been creating a negative image of our club, or pushing a narrative, it’s been the habit of a lifetime for the rag.

Of course one of of their favourite things apart from printing anti-Celtic drivel, is painting a picture of perfection over Ibrox way and do everything they can to make sure anything about theRangers is seen in a positive light.

The Record produced one of these pro-Rangers ‘exclusives’ just a few short months ago. We can all recall how the rag boasted that the Ibrox club were in line to secure an automatic place in the new World Club Championships in 2025. A tournament that would net the Ibrox club a reputed £60 million pay day.

We all knew it was complete fabrication, well those of us with any common sense did. The Ibrox hordes as expected lapped it up, just as the Record expected them to. They are their target audience after all.

As expected the truth was revealed just this week when the Record published a story revealing that not only do theRangers have zero chance of qualifying for the tournament, they are rock bottom when it comes to the rankings.

Indeed Celtic are placed higher in the rankings than the Ibrox club due to our better champions league record.

Granted we are out of our depth in that competition, but we’ve accumulated more points than the Ibrox club these past two seasons in Europe’s premier competition.

Of course theRangers of course have only had one shot at the Champions League group stages in their short existence. That campaign was an embarrassing disaster as they failed to register a single point and were confirmed as the worst ever side in the competition’s history.

That is the reason why they won’t be guaranteed an invite with the big boys. The Record actually contradicted Themselves, and not for the first time in their efforts to promote their pro-theRangers propaganda.

They have no shame. It’s rather embarrassing to be truthful, but not surprising.

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  1. Glasgow Times is as bad if not worse anow to dear for toilet paper I don’t bye it now into the softer paper in the end it has the same in it Celtic are back something clicked now all supporters get behind Celtic players and leave the political stuff in house

  2. Your buzzing and writing an article on the fact rangers won’t be in a competition that Celtic have no chance of getting in either 😂😳

    • No he was writing about the Record writing for months about how theRangers were going to be included in this and Celtic were nowhere to be seen, a bit like them this evening…