David Potter on Celtic winning Scottish Cup Finals from 1914 to 1951

CELTIC’S SCOTTISH CUP FINALS – Number 12…CELTIC 3-1 EAST FIFE – HAMPDEN, 11 MARCH 1927 – Celtic duly won their 12th Scottish Cup, but in some ways the real heroes were Second Division East Fife who managed to get to Hampden in the aftermath of the General Strike and the Miners’ Strike of last year which devastated all mining areas and the Fife coalfield in particular.

7 minutes gone and Wood opens the scoring for East Fife against Celtic in the 1927 Scottish Cup final

Naturally the country sympathised with the Fifers, and it looked like as if a huge shock was imminent when they scored first, but Celtic equalised soon after with an own goal, and then Paddy Connolly and Adam McLean made sure. The game finished with Tommy McInally clowning and deliberately missing chances so as not to humiliate the part-timers from Fife. This was the first Scottish Cup final to be broadcast on the radio.

The Celtic team was: J Thomson, W McStay and Hilley; Wilson, J McStay and McFarlane; Connolly, McMenemy, McInally, A Thomson and McLean.

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