David Potter on Celtic winning Scottish Cup Finals from 1914 to 1951

CELTIC’S SCOTTISH CUP FINALS – Number 13…CELTIC 4-2 MOTHERWELL – HAMPDEN, 15 APRIL 1931 – Celtic’s 13th Scottish Cup, and in some ways, the first drawn game with its two late goals is more famous than the replay which was played on a Wednesday evening before a crowd which was only just shy of 100,000. (And 1931 was the worst year of the depression!). It was a tight game with Celtic only really feeling secure when McGrory scored his second goal late in the game. Bertie Thomson scored the other two goals, but Motherwell fought all the way.

The Celtic team was: J Thomson, Cook and McGonagle; Wilson, McStay and Geatons; R Thomson, A Thomson, McGrory, Scarff and Napier.

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