David Potter on Celtic winning Scottish Cup Finals from 1914 to 1951

CELTIC’S SCOTTISH CUP FINALS – Number 15…CELTIC 2-1 ABERDEEN – HAMPDEN, 24 APRIL 1937 – This was Aberdeen’s first ever Scottish Cup final as 146,433 (at least, allowing for the wall climbers!) packed Hampden to see this game. It was widely believed that this would be McGrory’s last Cup final and everyone hoped that he would score as he had done in 1925, 1931 and 1933, but in the event it was Willie Buchan and Johnny Crum who scored for Celtic while Matt Armstrong scored for the black and golds of Aberdeen. It was a tense rather than a classy Cup final, but Celtic did just enough to win.

The Celtic team was: Kennaway, Hogg and Morrison; Geatons, Lyon and Paterson; Delaney, Buchan, McGrory, Crum and Murphy.

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