‘On this day, Celtic beat Rangers 3-2 then went on something of a celebration,’ Jim Craig

On this day in 1894, Celtic beat Rangers 3-2 in the second meeting of Glasgow’s Big Two in the league that season.

It was something of a revenge mission, as only the previous week, the Light Blues had beaten Celtic 3-1 in the Scottish Cup final, watched by a crowd of 17,000, with Willie Maley getting Celtic’s only goal.

On this day, however, Celtic rose to the challenge and picked up their 2nd consecutive championship, with 10,000 watching. The Celtic team on the day was Cullen, Reynolds, Doyle, Curran, Kelly, McEleney, Madden, Blessington, Cassidy, MacMahon and Divers, with Johnny Madden, Jim Blessington and Sandy MacMahon getting the goals.

It looks as though the players then went on something of a celebration as in the final two matches of the season, Celtic lost 2-3 to runners-up Hearts at Parkhead and 0-5 away to Leith Athletic.

They still finished three points clear of the rest.

Jim Craig


Celtic:– Cullen, Reynolds, Dunbar, Curran, Kelly, McIlheney, Madden, Blessington, Cassidy, McMahon, Divers

Goals:– Blessington, McMahon, Cassidy


At Parkhead, in cold and changeable weather, in spite of which, however, there was a crowd of 8000. the ground was in a wretched condition on account of the snow.

The Rangers played Johnston (Kilmarnock) for Mitchell. Neither Campbell nor Maley played for the Celtic.

The Celtic started, and after an interchange in mid-field forced the first corner. The Celtic continued to have the best of it for some time.

The Rangers, however, gave Cullen a hot one to hold. Haddow retired temporarily. The Rangers were taking more of the forcing and put in pretty combinations. McMahon brought on several characteristic runs. The play was interesting, but the pace was not.

The state of the ground spoiled all. Honours were about equal.

The Celtic scored by McMahon. McPherson had a chance at the other end. Celtic were having clearly the best of it.

The Rangers missed a grand chance but equalised afterwards. The Rangers brightened up wonderfully towards the interval, and once nearly scored, Cullen being almost beaten. Haddow saved a certainty just before crossing over. Half-time found the teams equal.

The Celts had had the best of the play. The Rangers did not seem to take it seriously. Immediately upon resuming, Madden failed to hold a long drive. The Rangers replied with a hot attack. The Rangers were now doing the attacking. Cassidy almost scored, and Celtic pressed amidst a snowstorm.

The Rangers came away promisingly, but Reynolds staved off. Some feeling got into the play, but the referee acted judiciously. There was more of the final steam in it’s play. Cullen saved a fine drive. Then play drifted back to mid-field, and afterwards to the Rangers’ end, where the Celtic had twice narrow tries.

Ten minutes to time Barker equalised. Cassidy immediately afterwards gave his side the lead. Doyle was in great form.

Final result:- Celtic three goals: Rangers, two goals.

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