Deconstructing Jota millions, Wright embarrassing – Hook line and sinker

The Jota transfer is hurting theRangers supporters more than the Celtic fans…

The Jota transfer is a bit of kick in the solar plexus for the Celtic supporters, but theRangers supporters seem to be taking it just as badly.

You’d think they would be happy to see the back of a guy who was instrumental in making sure their side finish last season empty handed. No, they continue to groan about his lucrative move to the gulf state.

The price tag seems to have got to them, they are raging make no mistake. The fact that Celtic got £25 million plus, a Scottish transfer record outgoing for a guy they describe as a ‘sand dancer’ and one trick pony is killing them. So much so that they produce mathematical skills that make oldco Rangers accountants look competent.

Celtic v Hibernian – cinch Premiership – Jota and Hibernian s Marijan Cabraja right battle for the ball during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, on Saturday March 18, 2023. Photo Steve Welsh

Some of the figures they calculate are mind boggling, even for them. Some are saying the fee is exaggerated. Others are saying Celtic received only £5 million! As according to them salary is took into account when Transfer fees are divvied out! Madness, but totally expected from that lot.

Deep down they know that we have a strategy that works, we sell our players when their value is at its highest. Just like Kieran Tierney and many players before him Jota has brought us in a substantial fee, it’s a policy we will continue to adopt in the future.

They let their most valuable assets walk for nowt. They are a financial basket case and they can only look on in envy at us as we not only enjoy constant success on the park but off it as well.

Kent and Morelos they thought would be worth over £50m, both walked out the door at the end of the season at the end of their Ibrox contracts, thus making them a big fat zero in transfer fees.

Alfredo Morelos of theRangers at Hampden Park on February 26, 2023 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

And as for their fans and Daily Record falling for the seemingly fake Scott Wright to Saudi transfer story, well that’s just delicious. Have a look and judge for yourselves…

Last week The Celtic Star quoted The Cynic who had pointed out the transfer stories in the Scottish papers seem to be based on nothing more than a tweet. It worked out for them that time (re Jota) but the dangers of such a strategy seem to be very real, and rather embarrassing if this does indeed turn out to be a made up story that the Scottish MSM have fallen for hook, line and sinker.

Time will tell…

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