Dens Park pitch could impact title race between Celtic and Rangers

Dundee are to blame for pitch fiasco, but the SPFLs preferable treatment of theRangers must also be taken into consideration…

Tonight’s  rescheduled Dundee v theRangers is looking likely to fall victim yet again to the torrential rain, not helped by the dire state of parts of the Dens Park pitch I may add.

It’s an embarrassment to our game to have such a dreadful surface in the top flight. Yes the rain doesn’t help, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact over the road at Tannadice. So that tells its own story. And it’s also strange because Dens Park has been renowned for having one of the best playing surface over the years.

Okay, theRangers and their supporters of course have a right to be angry about all the uncertainty surrounding the concerns over the fixture, if it was me I would be demanding answers, but as usual they are pointing the finger in the wrong direction.

The original scheduled game was of course postponed at short notice despite the pitch looking playable. A cynic might point to the fact that theRangers team were leg weary from the Europa League defeat to Benfica a few days previously. That meant that it suited them to have the game shelved.

There was of course a date available the next midweek, but bizarrely it was overlooked, ironically it was also the midweek before the Glasgow derby so you can draw your own conclusions on that one. Dundee wanted to play the game last Wednesday but theRangers didn’t and as usual they got their own way.  The SPFL rules point to the first available date but that was overlooked at the insistence of theRangers who wanted a full week to prepare for the Glasgow Derby against Celtic.

So why aren’t theRangers or their supporters demanding to know why it wasn’t played last midweek? Oh of course, it left them with more rest and not having the worry of injury and suspension hanging over them just a few days before a crucial game. Would any other club get such favours? You bet they wouldn’t.

The SPFL are forever tip toeing around theRangers and will do anything to accommodate them. This constant mollycoddling of the Ibrox club has bit them on the backside big time as it now leaves them open to a fixture backlog if tonight’s game does get postponed for a second time.

Hopefully it goes ahead and the state of the pitch is a great leveller that favours the home side and helps them achieve their goal of a top six finish. It’s on Sky Sports so might be worth watching.

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  1. What a shame, their postponed match has been postponed again but for Clement to speak about the bad image it sets for Scottish football given the histrionics of Silva on Sunday beggars belief. Add Tiktok into the mix and I doubt he is in a position to comment on league image.