Dermot Desmond Issues Celtic Quiz To Journalist Who Wanted To Ask Questions About The Club

Business Post journalist Barry J Whyte recently wrote a large feature article about Celtic’s disappointing season and how Dermot Desmond plans to react to the setback of losing out on ten in a row.

Desmond likes to live outside of the limelight and rarely discusses his plans for Celtic in the media. With that in mind, Barry J Whyte finished his piece by analyzing the Irishman’s historic involvement at the club, before noting that he had attempted to speak to Hoops’ majority shareholder. Despite his efforts, Desmond insisted on asking Whyte a few Celtic-related questions to ensure that he was qualified to conduct an interview with the Celtic chief.

Whyte stated: “When I rang him (Desmond) last week, he made it abundantly clear within seconds that he was not inclined to even entertain the questions, let alone answer them.

“When I asked him if he had a few minutes to talk about the club he replied with a flat ‘No’, adding: ‘I’m not going to talk about Celtic.’

“When I asked him why, he answered with another question: ‘Why do I need to talk about Celtic?'”

Whyte’s article explored the potential that Celtic has to grow inside Scotland, given that Dermot Desmond has reportedly gone off the idea of the club joining an Atlantic League. Therefore, he responded to the man who owns over 34% of shares in Celtic, by explaining that it would be helpful if he could answer a question that would set out the broad aim of the piece and also discuss the period of transition that awaits the club. However, his endeavour was cut short when the Irishman interjected and said: “Okay, I’ll ask you a question to see whether you’re qualified to ask me questions.”

Whyte reveals the following passage of conversation: “His first (question) was: ‘how many trophies have Celtic won in the last 20 years?’ I knew there were 16 league titles, but I had to concede that off the top of my head I couldn’t say how many other cups they might have won.

“He went on: ‘When did I first take a shareholding in Celtic?’ I answered 1994, which is of course wrong. It was 1995.

“‘When did I become the largest shareholder in Celtic?’ I answered 1998. It was 1999.

“I also fluffed the question of when Peter Lawwell first became chief executive and, by this stage, it was clear that Desmond had enough information to come to his own conclusions.

“‘You’ve failed the test,’ he said. ‘You have to know enough about Celtic to talk to me about Celtic. I’m not a great fan of journalists, as you well know.”

It remains to be seen what Dermot and the board have planned for the future direction of the club. Ange Postecoglou appears likely to take over as Manager next week, but there is no further news on the backroom team or a director of football being appointed yet. One thing’s for sure, if anyone wants to speak to Celtic’s majority shareholder about the situation, they must know their history!

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Hailing from an Irish background, I grew up in Bournemouth with the good fortune to begin watching Celtic during the Martin O'Neill era. Still living on the south coast, I have a season ticket at Paradise and also travel to European away matches when possible. I have written four Celtic books since the age of 19: Our Stories & Our Songs: The Celtic Support, Take Me To Your Paradise: A History Of Celtic-Related Incidents & Events, Walfrid & The Bould Bhoys: Celtic's Founding Fathers, First Season & Early Stars, and The Holy Grounds of Glasgow Celtic: A Guide To Celtic Landmarks & Sites Of Interest. These were/are sold in Waterstones and official Celtic FC stores, and are available on Amazon.

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  1. David G.Smith on

    Desmond is just A.N.Other billionaire who has never invested a penny in CFC without receiving an ROI on his money.

    He is correct in that he does not need to answer any questions on anything regarding CFC, rather he just needs to sell his shares and go as quickly and quietly as possible.

    Without control of CFC and the public persona that generates he would be just an other anonymous old guy sitting on a pile of money.

    Its why they buy football clubs i would suggest?

    Too much Me, Me, Me to put it bluntly.

    He and his merry band of blaggers have been fleecing the CFC support for decades now.

    The only thing they understand is money (or the lack thereof) on the profit and loss sheet.

    The range of emotions from dismay to complete indifference among supporters that I speak to is palpable.

    One way or another the tenure of Desmond, Lawell et al is coming to an end.

    Their Gerald Ratner moment is fast approaching.

    How long this takes is he only negotiating point remaining……