Desperate Kris Boyd reveals why Rangers might avoid title collapse this year

When your title rivals have won the league nine years in a row it always means you’ll need to grasp at some straws, but Kris Boyd is usually good for taking it to the next level.

To be fair to the Rangers, they tend to put up a reasonable title challenge in the first few months of the year – when the pressure is off.

HITC have reported on some of Boyd’s comments ahead of the new season, and he’s sounding optimistic for a pretty strange reason.

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He feels that most teams won’t be able to travel for a winter break this January, and staying at home could be the key difference for the Rangers.

It sounds like he’s suggesting that his old club are in fantastic form before the break, but whenever they travel for a training camp abroad it all goes wrong and that magical form seems to disappear.

The real problem with the team is they simply don’t have the bottle when things get tough – other teams have more to play for as the season goes on, and their players will start to gel and they become tougher to play against.

The reality is that most teams in the league will have a large turnover in playing staff each year, and they aren’t as good. Couple that with the nice weather and good pitches, then it’s natural that the team with the best players will win comfortably at the start of the season.

That changes after the break when the conditions aren’t as good and the games are harder, and that’s where the Rangers players look scared and hide.

Celtic have vast experience of winning tough games and ultimately winning the league, so finding a way to beat them is only going to get harder with each passing season.

Of course there is a very slim chance that the Rangers players might suddenly find some character and bottle by staying in Glasgow, but if this is their grand hope then it’s not sounding good for them.



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