Despicable Developments Outside Celtic Park As Police Issue Parking Fines To Vans Transporting Items From Foodbank Collection

Ahead of kick off at Celtic Park this afternoon, the Green Brigade held their annual foodbank collection. In recent years, these collections have broken UK collection records with tonnes of food and thousands of pounds being donated.

One would think that such charitable actions would be commended and endorsed. Not only is the group’s charitable proclivity in keeping with Celtic’s raison detre – raising funds to support The Poor Children’s Dinner and Breakfast Tables within the parishes of St Mary’s, St Michael’s and Sacred Heart – but it is also provides vital relief to poor and hungry families at Christmas time.

Despite those altruistic efforts, Police Scotland deemed it fit to issue four parking fines to the collection vans waiting to transport items to the foodbanks.

A more appropriate course of action may have been to show some understanding and politely ask for the vehicles to be moved. By all accounts this did not happen and fining charitable organisations was the preferred option.

The event was as alarming as it was inappropriate, particularly when one considers the possible alternative uses of police resources which could be a better use of the public purse in the city.

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  1. This should be posted globally to highlight the shite we have impersonating a service that should be there to help. Very reminiscent of when 3 polis Scotland vehicles were dispatched to a young girls First Communion because of too many people in the house during Covid, and this was on the same day as the racist who support the scum from £brokes were allowed to parade through the streets of Glasgow unattested.

  2. Sent this to my m8 . He is an ex cop and a the rangers fan . He is disgusted and has asked this site to send him the details of one of the van.s fines and is going to pay the fine .

    Brill response from a blue nose who is also disgusted by these sick scummy bast#!¥s

    Hail hail

    Well done Colin 👏 ✔

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for this. Celtic have apparently reimbursed the foodbank for this, and some other people have made donations to cover it also. According to Fans Against Criminalisation, the best way to contribute towards this is to contact Crookston Community Group and make a donation, as it is them who run the foodbank and who were fined. Their number is 0141 882 4333.

      Thanks again