“Destroying memorials placed by grieving families and friends is, frankly, deplorable,” Glasgow City Council


Glasgow City Council have released the following information relating to the George Square Memorial Benches that were destroyed last night by hordes of theRangers supporters who gathered to celebrate their first ever major honour since they were founded by Charles Green in 2012.

Here is some footage from STV showing the GCC cleansing and parks teams begin to clear up the extensive damaged caused by theRangers hooligans.

“We’ve had cleansing and parks teams in George Square since Sunday night, clearing debris and assessing the damage to furniture and plants,” Glasgow City Council tweeted.

“The lack of care and respect shown to a place and facilities that all Glaswegians should be able to enjoy is disturbing – but destroying memorials placed by grieving families and friends is, frankly, deplorable,” the Council added.

“We believe we have been able to recover any memorial plaques from smashed benches and are now starting the job of contacting families, where we are able. The memorials will be restored; however it is not yet known how much this will cost.

“Please see details of those memorials below. If anyone is able to locate the families or provide details, please get in touch with us through direct message,” GCC added.


Plaque One:

In Loving Memory of
In our hearts you are always there

Plaque Two:

In Loving Memory of
and Their Son ROBERT
Who All Loved Glasgow

Plaque Three:

Donated by the Netherlands Ambassador
on the occasion of his visit to the City of Glasgow
on 18/19th September 1997


Plaque Four:

In memory of
1994 – 2004
Sadly missed by all at H.O.S.

Plaque Five:

Dedicated To The Memory Of
Died 22.4.1994
Donated by His Loving Wife And Family
Rest Awhile

No-one has explained that when the replacements arrive and are put in place at George Square if they will be regarded as the same benches or new benches. Here’s another memorial….

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  1. Stephen Baird on

    My question to the Scottish Government and the SFA is
    “What are you going to do about it?”
    28 arrests and 7 fixed penalty notices is a disgrace. I know that the Police don’t have the resources to fine all the people who broke the law (every one of them is guilty) but 7 fixed penalty notices demonstrates a complete failure of the police. This is compounded by the officers who actually joined in setting a disgraceful example to a mob of thousands of thugs and vandals who have created a mass spreading event which could easily result in unnecessary deaths and jeopardising plans to get out of lockdown. What action will be taken against these officers and the police force in general? What action will be taken against Steven Gerrard for his participation when he drove through the mob with his window down, no mask, fist pumping and joining in a bigoted sectarian sing song. Where is his fixed penalty notice? What action will the Scottish Government and the SFA take against him and the other members of sevco who clapped along and encouraged the mob? What action will be taken against sevco for treating everyone with utter contempt by stating that they had “actively engaged with all stakeholders” and then behaved in a way that completely contradicts this? Why have the SFA not hammered sevco after 5 players broke the law in the second incident involving their players deliberately breaking the law and putting the whole of Scottish football in jeopardy. Two of these players were back playing and another was in the squad without any punishment. The list of their transgressions goes on. So to the Scottish Government and the SFA I say
    “What are you going to do about it?”
    Everyone in Scotland who was not involved and who cares about the people of Scotland and/or cares about Scottish football should be asking this question and demanding that these “governing bodies” do their job and severely punish the guilty.

  2. Stephen Baird on

    Well done to Harry and Megan for calling out the racists bigots within the Royal family. We’ve always known that the establishment within the British empire and it’s institutions are inherently racist. These are the decedants of the war criminals that created this evil empire. Now we have the Scottish Government and the SFA effectively pandering to the racist, bigoted unionists in Scotland by punishing Celtic football club unfairly and letting sevco and through yesterday’s events the police off the hook. Possibly hoping that they might vote SNP (unlikely) while completely disrespecting all of the other law abiding people of Scotland and the NHS and care sector workers that have been pushed to breaking point and beyond then slapped in the face with 1% pay rise. What would be the of an independent Scotland if they can’t stand up to these racist bigots? It would just be more of the same unequal society masquerading as independence.

  3. In fairness, a group of well minded Rangers fans have got a Go fund me going, which will cover the cost of repairs.